11 Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone XS Max In 2019

Wires seem to cause so many problems, especially with the iPhone. More often than not -- usually after around six months to a year, users experience charging problems with the iPhone. This is usually because the tip of the lightning cable has burn marks on the connectors it from charging, or your iPhone's charging port is packed with dust. When it's packed with dust, charging is erratic, slow, and sometimes won't work at all. Suffice to say, using wires is such a pain! If only there was a way around them!

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Our favorite wireless charger is the Anker 10W fast charging wireless charging pad.

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Luckily, there is -- wireless charging. And thankfully, all of the Apple's new iPhone models support wireless charging. So if you're ready to say goodbye to cables once and for all, be sure to follow along with us below. Here are our top picks for the best wireless chargers for iPhone XS Max.


Anker Wireless Charging Pad

Last up, we're looking at the Anker Wireless Charging Pad. In most cases, a wireless charging pad will set you back around $100, sometimes less. However, if you want to get into wireless charging on the cheap, this offering from Anker won't cost you more than $22. That said, it isn't the fastest device in wireless charging -- you'll get a persistent and stable charge, but you won't get anything fast with this wireless charging pad. To give you an idea, it will take you a couple of hours to charge your iPhone XS Max from dead to full.

Anker has included a bunch of charging precautions inside the circuitry, keeping you safe against electrical spikes, over charging, over heating, and more.

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Ampula Bedside Lamp Charger

Coming up as our number one choice on our countdown, we have the Ampula Beside Lamp Charger. This one is extremely unique from any of the others on our list, working as actually a three-in-one charger. It's a three-in-one charger because it has a wireless charging pad on it, but also functions as a lamp and wireless charger. You'll be able to create a sleek and modern setup on your nightstand with this charging setup alone!

And worry not -- your iPhone XS Max will stay safe with the Ampula because of a number of charging precautions built inside. It's relatively fast as well.

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Wireless Charging Station

Sure, the Wireless Charging Station may not have an identifiable brand, but it's actually one of the more innovative setups on the market today. It doesn't take on the traditional "pad" format, though there is a surface that you can lay your phone on for charging. However, on the other side of the charging station, there's also a side that can charge up your Apple AirPods as well as your Apple Watch (or another smartwatch).

The Wireless Charging Station doesn't have fast charging specifically like the Belkin Boost Up or the Samsung Wireless Charger below does; however, charging from dead to full just takes a couple of hours. And, there's a handful of features to keep your devices safe.

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Bestek Joules

The Bestek Joules is an excellent choice in a multi-use capacity. That's because it's not just a wireless charger, but it's a surge protector as well. That makes this one a little more ideal for work environments.

That said, this one actually has eight AC outlets that you plug electronics into. On top of that, there are six USB ports as well. And on the very top, you have your wireless charging pad. Overall, it's a great way to keep multiple devices charging at the same time, while providing power to various electronics, too.

Wireless charging actually operates pretty fast, so you should have no trouble getting a quick charge for your iPhone XS Max.

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Tozo Wireless Charger

A really nice looking charger for the iPhone XS Max would be the Tozo Wireless Charger. This ultra-slim wireless charger comes in at just 5mm thick, so it actually looks really sleek.

The Tozo Wireless Charger supports the iPhone XS Max, as well as most other Qi-supported devices. There is support for plenty of other handsets out there as well.

LED indicator lights help you see when your device is charging, as well as when it's done. The "con" is that these can seem quite bright during the dark hours.

One of the cool advantages to the Tozo Wireless Charger is that it comes with some excellent safety features -- you have protection against over charging, over heating, and even short circuit protection.

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Mophie Wireless Charging Base

Mophie made a name for itself years ago when it started offering charging cases for the iPhone. This was an extremely innovative product, and they were flying off the shelves at the time.That said, Mophie is back, and this time with an excellent wireless charging base. If you're looking to charge your iPhone XS Max in a jiffy over wireless, the Mophie Wireless Charging Base is the way to go.

Mophie says it's capable of outputting a total of 7.5 watts, which will provide you with a really quick charge. Once the wireless charging base is setup, set your iPhone XS Max down on it, and charging begins automatically!

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Belkin Boost Up

The Belkin Boost Up is a wireless charging base that came out of a partnership between Apple and Belkin. There wasn't really a wireless charger designed for the iPhone, and with the Belkin Boost Up, now there is. It's actually able to provide a fairly quick charge over wireless, with a total output of 7.5 watts. Both Belkin and Apple are reputable companies as well, so naturally, they've included a handful of charging precautions to keep your iPhone XS Max safe from electrical surges, over charging, over heating, foreign objects on the charging base, and more.

In typical Apple fashion, the Belkin Boost Up is actually a really sleek looking device. Set this up in your living room or on your nightstand and it won't look out of place at all.

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Samsung Convertible Wireless Charger

The Samsung Convertible Wireless Charger may have not been made for the iPhone, but it's still a high quality wireless charger that you don't want to pass up. First and foremost, it offers fast wireless charging. The Samsung Convertible Wireless Charger has a output rating of 9 watts, so it's somewhat similar levels to what you'd get out of typical charge-by-wire options. Samsung phones do charge faster with this wireless charger, but you'll still get a quick charge even with with the iPhone XS Max.

The unique aspect to the Samsung Convertible Wireless Charger is the "convertible" part. With it being convertible, you can use this wireless charger as a base or stand. When you're ready to put work away for the day and forget about your smartphone, just convert the charger into a base, set the phone down on the base and walk away. Charging begins automatically! But, if you need to continue to monitor notifications and take phone calls during the work day -- and without pulling your device off the charger -- turn it into a stand where you can charge and work at the same time.

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Cubevit Fast Wireless Charger

We like what Cubevit has put in their wireless charger as well. You get some decent wireless charging speeds for the iPhone XS Max -- around 7.5 watts. It charges up relatively quick, but also safely because of hardware that prevents voltage spikes and the like. The design might not be as sleek as some of the options from Samsung or Anker; however, it's nicer than most "budget" charging pads on the market because of the textured appearance to it.

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Yootech Wireless Charger

Yootech's Wireless Charger is up next on our countdown, and acts as a budget charger for those that don't want to drop a ton of money on a top, premium charger like the one from Samsung. That said, Yootech does an excellent job bringing you charging that is fairly quick. You only get 7.5 watts of power, but charging remains consistent. On top of that, there are a number of charging features that keep you safe from voltage spikes and other electrical issues.

It works with most devices that support Qi charging, too.

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Scosche MagicMount

We're big fans of the Scosche MagicMount for on the go use. This one is more of a battery pack, but it has a capacity of 4,000mAh and can get you out of a pickle pretty quickly. It has a fast charging rate, and can charge by wire, or, with a Qi adapter, you can charge over wireless, too. It does have your standard charging protections to keep you safe from over charging and over heating.

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There are a lot of excellent wireless charging pads on this list, but it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. If you want the best of the best, you won't regret the Mophie Wireless Charging Pad -- it will set you back a few dollars, but it'll last you much longer than the life of your phone. On the cheap, the Anker Wireless Charging Pad isn't a bad option, nor is the Belkin Boost Up.

AnkerAnker 10W Wireless Charger, Qi-Certified Wireless Charging PadBuy on Amazon|$15.99(Price as of 10/12/2019 09:49 ET)
AnkerAnker Fast Wireless Charger, 10W Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-CertifiedBuy on Amazon|$15.99(Price as of 10/12/2019 09:50 ET)

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  1. Hey Eddie! Anker advertises 10W of output, but this is only under very specific conditions — you have to have the proper Anker wall adapter (it cannot be any other wall adapter), and the device has to support their fast charging. In fact, even that’s a little ambiguous, as they make it sound like that fast charging is only for Samsung phones, and it might be. That said, for the large majority of phones, you’re going to only get 5W of output.

  2. How is the Mophie a quick charging base at 7.5 watt output but the Anker being the most powerful of all quick slowly?

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