Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Best Smartwatch 2019

The Apple Watch vs Galaxy Watch, this is a common feud for title of the best smartwatch for a number of different reasons. It can go back to the old Android is better than iOS argument, but there’s also an argument that the circular watch (the Galaxy Watch) looks so much better than Apple’s square design.

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Arguments can go beyond just that, but those are some of the biggest opinions that you’ll see. That said, the feud between Apple Watch vs Galaxy Watch is largely subjective. It all comes down to your own opinion and style choices, at least as those two arguments go.

That said, if you follow along with us below, we’ll breakdown the actual, hard facts, and show you which of these two smartwatches is better on paper. Let’s dive right in!


Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is up first. If you’re not already familiar with the device, it comes in a square-ish shape, which is very different from the traditional circular design that watches have.

Apple’s smartwatch has a digital crown on the right side of the case, which is used for waking and sleeping the display, as well as navigating to and through apps. There are some different contextual things that it can do as well. For example, when your iPhone is connected, and you’re playing music, you can open the Music app on your Apple Watch, and turn the volume up or down with the digital crown.

The Apple Watch actually comes in a variety of different materials. The cheapest option is aluminum, with stainless steel feeling a little weightier and more luxury. There’s also the Hermes, which is stainless steel, but gets you a premium leather wrist band. Apple previously had a ceramic material, but retired that.

It also comes in a variety of colors to meet different style needs — there’s Gold, Rose Gold, Space Gray, and Silver. There are other colors based on the type of material you get.

Bands are also interchangeable. By default, you get a neutral, silicone sport band with your Apple Watch; however, you can purchase leather bands, chain bands, fabric bands, and other types of band materials that meet your preference.

Galaxy Watch

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch is obviously entirely different than the Apple Watch in terms of design. The Galaxy Watch takes on the traditional circular profile, and actually has different accents and slight alterations that make it similar looking to the traditional timepiece.

The Galaxy Watch is available in two sizes and three colors, allowing you to get it in big and small sizes, as well as the color that meets your style preferences. On top of that, the Galaxy Watch offers a ton of stylish watch faces that are so realistic that they hardly look digital at all.

Samsung’s watch, just like Apple’s, offers interchangeable bands, allowing you to swap out bands for different activities. Or, you can simply swap out a band for another that meets the style needs of an event more, such as a lawyer-client meeting, or a a non-profit and donor event.

Winner: As we’ve already mentioned, design is entirely subjective. That said, this one is a tie, ultimately coming down to your style preferences.


Apple Watch

The Apple Watch actually has some pretty impressive hardware in it. While we don’t know the intricate details of what Apple has packed inside, we do know some of the hardware features that set this watch apart.

First, starting in Apple Watch Series 4, the device has some improved sensors for something that they’re calling “fall detection.” The Apple Watch is able to monitor your movements, and can tell when you take a hard fall. They’re able to notify emergency services automatically for you this way, but you can easily cancel the call.

There’s a GPS sensor inside of it, which allows for better tracking of workouts, better measurement of your pace, distance traveled, and so much more. Depending on the model that you pick up, the Apple Watch can come with a cellular radio so that you can use this one independent of your iPhone.

It has a battery that’s supposed to last up to 18 straight hours, but that will all depends on what your straight up use looks like. It has wireless charging, which can help juice this up pretty quickly.

Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch has some pretty impressive hardware inside of it as well. Again, we don’t know all of the intricacies inside, but there are actually some area where it’s better than the Apple Watch.

While the Apple Watch has Fall Detection, the Galaxy Watch does not. While there isn’t a software feature to really replace that, the Galaxy Watch is able to connect up to both Android and iOS phones — with limited features on the latter — whereas the Apple Watch can only connect with iOS.

The other area where the Galaxy Watch excels is in battery life. Samsung says that you can go nonstop for days on a single charge. One of the benefits to that, is being able to track your sleep patterns as well. And, it charges over wireless, so you never have to fiddle around with silly cords.

The Galaxy Watch doesn’t have a Digital Crown, but there are a couple of buttons on the sides of the watch to help you navigate through apps and the like. Of course, you have a pretty sensitive touch screen as well, which is handy for quickly navigating through apps as well — i.e. for getting to messages, clock information, weather, and more.

Winner: We think it’s a tie as far as hardware goes. Both the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch have impressive hardware, but do have their own unique features about them.


Apple Watch

When it comes to smartwatches, what really sets them apart from each other really comes down to the software. That said, the Apple Watch’s WatchOS 5 software is extremely impressive. Not only are you getting fast, efficient, and seamless software with WatchOS 5, but you’re getting connectivity with all of your Apple products as well.

Your Apple Watch connects up directly to your iPhone, allowing you to make and take phone calls on your Apple Watch, even giving yourself the ability to send and receive text messages as well.

The Apple Watch actually intertwines with a bunch of other services as well. For example, you can very easily send and receive messages through all sorts of instant messaging services as well, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. You can even receive app notifications for most apps — email, finance accounts, and so much more.

The watch isn’t just an extension of your smartphone, but it’s a full-blown fitness tracker as well. The Apple Watch has a handful of built-in sensors that give you all sorts of activity tracking. You can measure steps taken, distance traveled, and can even track your running and jogging routes.

There are some features that allow you to track individual workouts as well, which gives you better tracking of pace, calories burned, and more.

One of the nice things about the Apple Watch is just how versatile it is. Is there a feature that you wish the Apple Watch had? That’s no problem at all — the Apple Watch connects up to the App Store, giving you access to millions of applications that have their own individual features that can be added to the Apple Watch.

For example, if you wanted the Apple Watch to monitor your sleep tracking, it would be simple as downloading a sleep tracking app on your iPhone, and then you should see that watchOS version of that same app on your Apple Watch, giving you all sorts of sleep tracking and habit measurements.

Lastly, one of the things that we really about the Apple Watch is that many of the watch faces for it are all Apple-created. That means you’re getting some awesome, premium watch faces that look excellent. You don’t have bad user-created watch faces flooding the market. So while Apple’s system is pretty closed off, it actually has advantages for the end-user, giving the user a more premium and realistic watch experience.

Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch isn’t quite the exact opposite of the Apple Watch. That’s actually because the Galaxy Watch isn’t actually running on Android’s wearOS — instead, the Galaxy Watch runs on Samsung’s own Tizen mobile operating system. Unfortunately, there’s not even a development project that’s bringing Wear OS to the Galaxy Watch — we’re stuck on Tizen.

Tizen still offers a number of cool features and advantages for the Galaxy Watch. First and foremost, there’s some very realistic and detailed watch faces that make the Galaxy Watch look similar to a traditional timepiece. Tizen also has a massive amount of Samsung-created and user-created watch faces that you can download and use instead. For example, there’s actually a Super Mario watch face that you can add.

Even though Galaxy Watch isn’t running on Wear OS, Tizen still has a number of different applications that can be downloaded to bring functionality to the Galaxy Watch that isn’t already built-in.

As an example, you can download apps like Spotify, Uber, SmartThings, Flipboard, and so many other choices to add new functionality to the Galaxy Watch.

On top of that, like the Apple Watch, there are a number of activity features as well. Galaxy Watch has a GPS enabled, which can help you measure your pace, distance, and even track calories burned. There’s a heart-rate monitor inside, which can give you some better accuracy with that sort of measurement as well.

The Galaxy Watch, like the Apple Watch, allows you to measure individual workouts as well. This — again, like the Apple Watch — gives you better fitness and calories burned measurements.

Winner: The Apple Watch easily wins here. Tizen OS isn’t a great platform, as it just doesn’t have the support and financing to bring it into something as fully featured as Apple’s watchOS. The Galaxy Watch would be a lot better if it was running Android’s own Wear OS operating system.


As you can see, both the Apple Watch vs Galaxy Watch have their similarities, but also have their own unique features to them. Is there one that’s better than the other?

We think that the Apple Watch is the winner here. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is an excellent watch, but one of the areas that really holds the watch back is that its software isn’t running Android’s Wear OS, which is far more advanced and versatile than Samsung’s own Tizen OS.

We also think that it highly depends on what operating system your phone is running on. If you have an Android device, the Galaxy Watch is going to function pretty well with it. However, if you have an iPhone, the Galaxy Watch just isn’t going to bring you all of the features that you would want out of a smartwatch — for example, you won’t get calling or texting features.

Likewise, if you have an Android device and are looking at an Apple Watch, that’s not going to be able to work at all. The Apple Watch can’t connect to an Android phone at all.

That said, if you have an Android device, the Galaxy Watch is your best option here. If you have an iPhone, the Apple Watch is your best option. We, however, think the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch overall, so you would have the best experience by picking up an Apple Watch and iPhone combo.

Do you have a favorite smartwatch? Which one do you think wins out of these two? Sound off in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!

AppleApple Watch Series 4Buy on Amazon|$349(Price as of 08/21/2019 09:49 ET)
SamsungSamsung Galaxy WatchBuy on Amazon|$338.99(Price as of 08/21/2019 09:49 ET)