5 Best Video Editor Apps for iPhone

Smartphones have made point-and-shoot cameras obsolete several years ago, and they’re now doing the same to compact camcorders. The iPhone can capture 4K video that surprises with its clarity, colors, and well-balanced exposition. After all, entire shows and documentaries have been shot using the iPhone.

But what about video editing? Is it necessary to use the same elaborate editing software that professionals use? Not at all! Perhaps the best thing about using the iPhone to capture video is the ability to easily edit the recorded footage directly on the iPhone using excellent video editing apps for iOS.


iMovie is Apple’s official video editor for macOS and iOS, and just like all apps that come bundled with Apple computers and mobile devices, iMovie is deceptively powerful and ridiculously simple.

When used on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro, iMovie supports 4K video editing, and all newer models of the iPhone and the iPad support project sharing with AirDrop, allowing you to finish editing on your Mac computer.

To help you create beautiful movies, iMovie comes with several customizable video templates as well as a host of transition effects, video filters, and music. Just pick a template that inspires you, drag and drop clips into iMovie, and, once you’re done editing, export and share your finished movie.