3 Best Mad Libs For Kids On iOS

Learning the English language as a little one can be a difficult, complex task. There’s just so much to learn! Nouns, vowels, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and that’s just scratching the surface of what there is to learn. On top of that, your little learner might not be the most excited to learn all of the little intricacies of the English language, and might even fight you on it. So, it’s time to find something that they will find engaging, and that, is Mad Libs.

What they will be excited about is creating their own stories, and Mad Libs style games allows you to do just that. There’s a lot of pre-written story in these games, and then your child will have to fill in the blank with a proper, noun, adjective, verb, or adverb. Once they’re done, they can go through and read the silly story that they helped create! Maybe that will help them desire to learn those parts of speech a little more and make the learning to be not as big of a headache as it would be otherwise. It also might make them a little more willing to try somethings crazy when they get to that creative writing class later in life.  You never know when that budding novelist might appear.

So, what Mad Libs games are out there on iOS? Well, there certainly aren’t a lot, but the few that are there are top notch in quality that’ll keep your kids engaged. Follow along below, and we’ll show you a couple of our favorites that you can download right now. Let’s dive right in!

Mad Libs — Penguin Group

Mad Libs by the Penguin Group was one of the original versions of the game, and now it’s back on iOS in a digital format. This Mad Libs game has over 21 different stories to choose from. You can save your creations to share with your family and friends.  Not only are there hilarious stories to be told, but this game also comes with it’s own customizable soundtrack to play as your friends read your side splitting stories. One of the neat things about this one is the vibrant user experience, which keeps kids entertained and engaged.

Download it now: iTunes

Loony Libs

This app focuses on helping your child learn their parts of speech, though in not nearly as an interactive way as Mad Libs. The game operates the same; however, Loony Libs is a little more simplistic, without all of the colors and fun. Loony Libs focuses on offering stories that you can edit in your own words in the proper places, and then you can read the fruits of your labor right there! The stories are fun and allow for peals of laughter to rain through your home instead of the usual grumbling that comes with english homework.  Any parent can appreciate that as a result of asking their child to learn.

Download it now: iTunes

Adult Mad Libs

When the kids are away, the adults will play! Adult Mad Libs is an excellent choice for those that want to take a break away from the kids’ silly G-rated games. It might be fun for them, but you want to spice up your own Mad Libs game a bit. That said, Adult Mab Libs allows you to create some fun and more mature stories that wouldn’t necessarily be acceptable for children. There are six free adult Mad Libs stories in this one, with more being added on a regular basis. These really aren’t recommended for kids, as there can be some adult themes as well as expletives inside.

Download it now: iTunes


As you can see, even on digital platforms, there are tons of options for playing the classic Mad Libs style game. They can be a crazy amount of fun! We all remember the delight of doing them in school when the teacher pulled them out, laughing at our silly creations. With it available at your fingertips now, you have some excellent opportunity to teach them the intricacies of the English language, and have fun while doing it! And these apps give you quite a variety of options to choose from. So pick your favorite adjective and have a _________ time!

Got a favorite Mad Libs game? Let us know in the comments section below.