5 Best Home Design App For iPhone XS

If you’ve got a new home design project coming up, you don’t want to consult a project manager, a designer, or architect for your new ideas — that’s a massive blow to the pocket book on something that may or may not happen. That’s why a home design app for iPhone XS will help you get those plans and creative influence going. With a home design app, you’ll be able to check out ideas others are dreaming about, ideas that people have already done, make up your own ideas, and even check out some unique furniture products and decorations! Not sure which one to pick up for the iPhone XS? Follow along below, and we’ll show you the best options currently on the market!


Pinterest is first up on our list, and is one of the best apps that you can download for home design needs. Pinterest offers users access to a wide array of different topics, but home design, interior design, and other home-related projects are some of the most sought after. You can subscribe to many of these topics to see them first in your feed. And then, as you’re scrolling through ideas, you can “pin” the ones that you like to your own boards so that you can check them out later.

This is a really nice application for the do it yourself person as well. Many of the home design projects and ideas shown on Pinterest actually come with material lists, as well as instructions on how to accomplish it in your own home!

Download it now: iTunes


Chairish is an excellent application for those that want to outfit their homes with high-end decor, but don’t want to pay the “new” price that much of that decor comes with. It’s a way for people to sell gently used high-end decor. The way it works is that users take photos of their decor, upload it to Chairish, and then the Chairish team decides on what to sell. From there, Chairish will take care of payment, shipping, refunds, and customer satisfaction. It’s a great way to get high-end decor without breaking the bank!

Download it now: iTunes

Adobe Color Capture

Adobe Color Capture is next up on our list as one of the best options for trying to find colors, make color schemes, and find patterns. You can open up the Adobe Color Capture app on your iPhone XS, take a photo of something that inspires you, and then you can use it to grab specific color codes as well as color names. In addition, Adobe Color Capture will allow you to take those colors and make color schemes and patterns so that you can create ideas for a newly colored room.

Download it now: iTunes

Photo Measures

Photo Measures is next up on our list, and is a great app for getting measurements of a room as well as other specific sizing information. Put the tape measure away, because Photo Measures is going to allow you to grab measurements straight from the app. This app will actually let you draw measurements and other notes right on the photo that you snap, making it easier to share information with contractors and architects. This is an overall great way to keep measurements and room spaces with you all the time! Get started at the link below.

Download it now: iTunes

Artfully Walls Try on Walls

Artfully walls’ Try On Walls app might be last up on our list, but it’s a unique app that takes advantage of augmented reality to show you what a piece of art would look like hanging on your walls at home.

With Try On Walls, you can take a piece of art from Artfully Walls’ massive art library and see what it looks like on your wall. It uses augmented reality to display this in the most realistic way possible — though we can’t say how well it will represent the colors of the art you’re looking at it; it will, however, give you a better idea of space and how it’ll fit in with your other furniture.

Download it now: iTunes


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent apps here to meet your home design needs. If you’re looking for the best of the best, we really like Pinterest because of the sheer amount of ideas on it, as well as the inspiration and instructions readily available for DIYers! Other than that, Adobe Color Capture is a great way to find out actual color codes in real life for use in your home!