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5 Best iPad 9.7in Keyboard Case In 2018

One neat thing about the iPad is that it can totally work as a laptop replacement, even as far as a keyboard and mouse goes. The iPad doesn’t come with a keyboard and mouse as an included accessory, but there are third-party options out there to outfit your iPad with one. Many companies are making iPad Keyboard cases that connect up to your iPad by way of Bluetooth. In addition to being a keyboard, these keyboard cases provide ample protection against drops and other accidents.

Best iPad Keyboard Case

So, if you want to outfit your iPad with some extra accessibility by way of a keyboard, be sure to follow follow along below. We’re going to show you the best keyboard cases that you can purchase for your iPad.


Favormates is first up on our list, and works for the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7-inch. It has a compact design and is super protective of your iPad. What’s really nice is the keys — they feel smooth and are super responsive, even over the wireless Bluetooth connection. It has a 130-degree rotating clamshell cover, so you can setup your iPad in different viewing angles as well. There are a handful of different backlit lighting options as well, although you have to pick your color choice on Amazon — you cannot customize that lighting on the go.

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Next up, ZAGG makes a phenomenal keyboard case. It costs a bit of money because it’s considered to be a premium keyboard case. It has tactile keys that don’t have much travel to them, so typing on this keyboard is a breeze. Much like the Favormates keyboard case, it connects to your iPad through Bluetooth, and there’s little to no latency between keystrokes. It has a built-in battery that, when fully charged, is going to last you up to two years. It has a super rugged construction as well, so you can expect to get excellent protection out of this case.

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Next up is a keyboard case by NokBabo. NokBabo offers a smooth keyboard case for the iPad with a 130-degree rotating clamshell coverage. Keys are smooth, and typing doesn’t have much travel to it, so you can get your work done pretty quickly with this keyboard case. Like the rest of the cases on this list, it connects up to your iPad by way of Bluetooth. There’s a cutout to show off the Apple logo on your iPad. The case itself is backed by a two-year warranty, and can be gotten in three different colors: Black, Rose Gold, and Silver.

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The KVAGO keyboard case has a compact design, but will still keep your iPad protected against bumps, scratches and even some drops. The keyboard itself is really nice, with keys feeling super smooth and responsive. Again, it connects up to your iPad by way of Bluetooth. Now, this keyboard case does take a little more battery power due to the backlit keyboard for working at night. With it, you can adjust the colors and brightness. In addition, it has a 130-degree rotation for using your iPad in a couple different viewing angles. You can get this keyboard in black, blue, or gold.

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The Valoin keyboard case is probably one of the most elegant keyboard cases for the iPad on the market right now. It’s got an ultra, lightweight design, so you can’t expect a whole lot of drop protection with the Valoin. However, you can get a decent amount of protection and scratches and bumps. Pull the cover off, and your iPad should look like it just came off the factory floor, except for the screen, of course.

The keys on the Valoin are smooth and super responsive. They feel tactile and have some great feedback. The keys are backlit, so you can work with this keyboard in the night as well. It has a 130-degree viewing angle as well, so you can change up the angle of your iPad. Really, the sleek and modern design is the big seller for this iPad keyboard case.

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As you can see, there are a lot of great keyboard cases on the market for the iPad. However, which one is right for you? On this list, most of these keyboard cases are going to offer you ample protection, while giving you smooth and tactile keys. Really, it just depends on what kind of style that you’re looking for. Want modern? Go with the Valoin. Want a lot of protection and tactile keys? The ZAGG has your back.

Best iPad Keyboard Case

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