How to fix an Apple iPhone 6 that can’t make outgoing calls & other call related issues

The problem I addressed in this post is about outgoing calls that won’t go through with the Apple iPhone 6 (#Apple #iPhone6). Anyone who is having the same trouble on making calls on their #iPhone can use this content as guide to troubleshoot the issue. Read on to learn why such problems occur and what must be done to resolve them.


To further explain the issue, I’ve cited a problem on relevant concern sent to us by an iPhone 6 owner who is having trouble making outgoing calls on his iPhone 6.

Problem: “I was able to make outgoing phone calls this morning, however now this afternoon my phone immediately hangs up after one second to any number I try calling. I have rebooted the phone, checked all the places I can think of, including DND, and airplane mode. Nothing helps.”

Possible reasons as to why you cannot make outgoing calls

Among the most common reasons as to why you cannot make outgoing calls on your mobile phone include a misconfigured settings, network unavailability, faulty hardware, and a deactivated account status.

The first thing you should do if all of a sudden you can’t make outgoing calls on your iPhone 6 is to check and ensure your account is in active and in good standing. Some service providers/carriers will deactivate outgoing call services or temporarily reduce phone services in an account to incoming calls only due to late payment or unpaid bills. Therefore, let us make sure your account status has nothing to do with it. After confirming everything is fine with your account, you may begin troubleshooting the problem with the following methods.

Recommended Workarounds

I have outlined a series of troubleshooting procedures that might help you fix an issue on making outgoing calls with the iPhone 6. These workarounds are comprised of manufacturer- and carrier-recommended solutions. That being said, these methods are safe to try on. Anyone who is facing the same dilemma with the same device may likewise, use the following workarounds to fix the issue.

Note: Enabling and disabling of relevant settings on your iPhone, such as Airplane mode and Do Not Disturb (DND) might also be helpful in this situation. Again, Airplane mode and DND feature must be turned off or disabled to avoid calling issues to arise. Although I understand both workarounds have already been done in this situation but to no avail. In this regard, please proceed with other possible solutions as follow:

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If you still cannot make outgoing calls after performing all of the aforementioned methods, then please contact your carrier and make sure your calls don’t have errors on their system.

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  1. I drive for Uber and notice this happens most when I drop off someone by LAX airport or areas with bad reception. If I turn my phone off and back on I can make a call again. It sucks for work though because I don’t have the time nor is it safe to do that while needing my phone while driving.

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