iPhone 6 Plus Turning Off By Itself Issue

The #Apple #iPhone6Plus which was released in 2014 is the first phone of the company to sport a 5.5 inch display. Because the phone is now large it also comes with a larger capacity battery of 2915 mAh which allows the phone to make 24 hours of calls or 80 hours of music playback on a single charge. Idealy, this phone should have a long battery life however there are instances when power related problems can occur. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the iPhone 6 Plus turning off by itself issue.

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iPhone 6 Plus Turning Off By Itself

Problem: Hi, im using iphone 6 plus for a year now. This past few days it keeps turning off by itself and when i turn it back on the apple logo appear but after that it has blue screen then shut it off again. I tried everything , i reset it all , i connected it with itunes on pc thingy. And it turns back to normal but after 3 days it goes back again with this problem. Please help me. I don’t know what to do already.

Solution: You mentioned that when you reset the phone the issue disappeared. Try doing another round of factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing this. Setup your phone as a new device. As soon as this is done do not install anything in your phone yet. Try to observe if the issue still occurs. This might take a couple of days. If the problem does not occur then it could be caused by an app you downloaded to the device.

If the problem still occurs then try to check if it is caused by a weak battery by connecting your phone to this charger. Observe the phone again if the issue still occurs. If the phone does not turn off on its own then it could be caused by a weak battery. Have this battery replaced at a service center.

If the above steps fail to resolve the issue then you should bring the phone to an authorized service center and have it checked as this might already be a hardware issue.

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