‘Hey Siri’ commands won’t work on an iPhone 6s while lying face down

Apple iPhone 6s 'Hey Siri'

With the #iPhone6s and the #AppleA9 + M9 motion coprocessor combination, #Apple introduced support for the always on ‘Hey Siri‘ voice detection. A new revelation has found that this voice detection feature doesn’t work when the iPhone 6s is face down on the table or if it’s in the user’s pocket.

One theory behind this is that the proximity sensor which is located right next to the earpiece grill, probably doesn’t function when it is blocked. This could be a battery saving feature as all iOS 9 devices have a similar proximity sensor related feature where the devices just don’t turn on when they’re lying face down on the table.

So if you recently got yourself an iPhone 6s, you should be mindful of this particular restriction if you frequently use the ‘Hey Siri’ hotword detection. Are there any other restrictions that you’ve come to find with the iPhone 6s? Sound off in the comments section below.

Via: Apple Insider