Apple files trademark for ‘AirPods’, hinting at a refresh of EarPods

Apple AirPods

#Apple currently ships #EarPods with its iPhones and the iPods. This was first introduced in 2012 with the #iPhone5. However, the company could be looking at a refresh according to a new trademark filing done by an alleged shell company named Entertainment in Flight on behalf of Apple.

Called the ‘AirPods’, these sound like an upgraded and perhaps lighter version of the EarPods. As we know, Apple didn’t introduce a new pair of headphones for the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus, so it’s possible that the company is preparing for the imminent arrival of the iPhone 7 next year.

We don’t have much knowledge about the AirPods as of know, although we hope to learn more about them over the coming months. Patents have been filed on a global scale as well, further suggesting that this might indeed be an Apple product, although the patent filing doesn’t directly come from Apple.

Using shell companies to secretly file for patents has been done by Apple before with the iPad, so we’re not surprised that a similar course of action will be taken for something as significant as an audio accessory.

Source: USPTO

Via: Apple Insider