Amazon officially removes Apple TV listings from its site

Apple TV

Amazon’s #FireTV console is now the primary home set-top-box being sold on its site, with the likes of the #AppleTV and the #GoogleChromecast officially getting the boot today. This comes a few weeks after #Amazon originally announced its intentions to remove Apple and Google’s offerings from its site in order to avoid confusion for the customers.

By this, Amazon means that it only wants to have devices that support the Prime Video service, which is currently supported by a couple of third party devices like the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Roku Media Player. Since Apple’s tvOS App Store has no Amazon Prime Video app, it’s understandable as to why Amazon would want to resort to this move.

Interestingly, Apple’s new 4th gen Apple TV console has started shipping out to the customers today, so the timing from Amazon couldn’t have been any better. Do you think Amazon should let other competitive offerings co-exist in its retail space or is this a justified move?

Via: Apple Insider