Looking to record plenty of 4K videos with the iPhone 6s? Stay away from the 16GB models

Apple iPhone 6s 4K Video

Rumors from some time ago had claimed that #Apple was looking to ditch the 16GB option of the new iPhones and will offer the base models with 32GB of storage instead. But the Cupertino giant proved those rumors wrong last morning when they unveiled 16GB options of the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus.

One highlight feature that was introduced with the new iPhones was the ability to shoot 4K video from its 12-megapixel rear camera. A new revelation now tells us exactly how taxing this can be on your internal storage.

If you’re looking to get the 16GB of iPhone 6s and intend to shoot a lot of 4K videos with it, be aware that recording one minute of 4K video will take up 375MB of space on your iPhone 6s. So shooting five minutes of video will effectively knock out 1.8GB of your internal space.

Not to mention the apps, music and other content that you will already have stored on your device. Unless you stream practically everything and move everything to the cloud every day, the 16GB iPhone 6s or the 6s Plus really doesn’t make sense. The next best option is the 64GB model, which seems like a better bet if you consume a lot of media from your phone. Do you think Apple should have offered a 32GB model instead of 16GB?

Source: YouTube (MKBHD)

Via: iPhone Hacks, @rjones – Twitter