Apple iPhone 6s Plus goes through bend test, lives to tell the tale

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

If you’ve been in the loop about Apple’s #iPhone models, you would be well aware that the company landed itself in controversy over the #iPhone6Plus Bendgate issue last year. This was blamed on the relatively weaker layer of aluminum near the volume rocker of the smartphone.

The story picked up pace as more users started noticing similar issues on their devices, especially when the device was kept in their back trouser pocket (which is a stupid habit to begin with).

Well with the new models releasing this year, fans and prospective buyers were very curious about how things would fare for the iPhone 6s Plus. And thanks to a bend test video posted by a site, we’re happy to report that the smartphone has done very well and managed to hold its own even when stress was applied. That’s not to say that the smartphone is impossible to bend though, but it’s clear that Apple has taken last year’s criticism very seriously.

Thanks to the 7000 Series aluminum used on the iPhone 6s Plus, it’s not really easy for users to bend the phone at will. This could be a wise design choice by Apple and save them the embarrassment from the customers.

Have you purchased the iPhone 6s Plus? Are you convinced of its durability after watching the video?

Source: FoneFox (YouTube)

Via: Techno Buffalo