Facebook debuts ‘M’ virtual assistant on the Messenger app

Facebook M

#Facebook has just unveiled the new ‘M‘ voice assistant as a feature on the Messenger application. This voice assistant was rumored to be in the making for quite some time now, but it’s good to see that it’s finally coming to fruition. Internally, this software was known as ‘Moneypenny’, justifying the ‘M’ moniker given to it now.

As for the feature set, it brings along the usual array of voice assistant like functions, but what makes it stand apart is the conversational flow to your queries. In addition to computer generated responses, users will also get to chat with actual humans with M. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell when a message is being sent by a human or a computer. The humans that will handle the task of conversing with the users will have a customer service background, it is said.

Facebook M Voice Assistant

To quell any fears of privacy, M will not be able to access your personal Facebook information. The only information that it will store is the one that you reveal or mention during the conversation. Further, your chat history with M will be saved for future reference so that any old queries are answered instantly.

It’s a nifty concept really and will surely strike a chord with users of Facebook Messenger. The feature is steadily rolling out on the app and might take some time to reflect based on your geographic location. What do you make of a feature like this?

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Via: Wired