Apple Pay is front and center in its latest commercial

Apple Pay

With #Samsung set to release its new wireless mobile payment service, #Apple has decided to remind users of its existing service, #ApplePay. In a new commercial, the company highlights all the features of Apple’s NFC based wireless payment service and tells users of the convenience it brings to the table as well.

The company is also mindful of reminding customers of its popular tagline – “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.” Apple Pay is supported by a vast number of retailers and restaurants, while nearly 400 financial groups have backed Apple’s new offering. However, it’s still quite limited in its approach as merchants will need a separate NFC based terminal to operate Apple Pay.

This is an issue that Samsung managed to tackle with Samsung Pay, which can make wireless transactions even on conventional MST (Magnetic Stripe Transmission) terminals. This ensures that a lot of merchants can use their existing payment terminals and not get a new one just for wireless payments. Samsung Pay is set for a debut on the 28th of August, so expect Apple to increase its marketing campaign for Apple Pay over the coming days.

Source: Apple (YouTube)

Via: iDownload Blog