Foxconn looking to set up iPhone and iPad production facilities in India


Foxconn is the company responsible for manufacturing a long list of Apple products like the iPhone, iPod and the iPad. Since its production facilities are based largely in China, a new report is now suggesting that the company could be looking to shift its workload onto India very soon.

It is being said that the company is currently looking for suitable locations in the country to set up manufacturing facilities, indicating that there could be more than one manufacturing plant planned for the country. The report suggests that the increasing labor costs in China is one of the reasons behind Foxconn looking to shift to its neighboring country, where labor costs are said to be relatively lesser compared to China.

So Foxconn can greatly benefit by shifting its manufacturing units to India and reduce dependency on China to a large extent. Foxconn’s base in India was closed last year after Nokia shut down its operations, so this will be a comeback of sorts for the company.

The report said – “A return of Foxconn — which was forced to shut up shop in India last year after client Nokia closed — would be a major victory for India, which badly needs to turn its tech boom into a manufacturing and employment boost.

Via: MacRumors