Apple will have to pay $450 million in damages after losing the appeal of an eBooks case

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Apple’s courtroom battle in the eBooks case seem to be drawing to a close as the company’s appeal was rejected by the Federal Appeals Court. Speaking on the ruling, Second Circuit Judge Debra Ann Livingston said – “We conclude that the district court correctly decided that Apple orchestrated a conspiracy among the publishers to raise e-book prices.”

She further added – “The conspiracy “unreasonably restrained trade” in violation of the Sherman Act, the federal antitrust law.” As per this ruling, the company will have to pay $450 million in penalties and reimbursements, which will be mostly directed towards the customers who bought the books from the iBooks Store. In a show of good faith, Apple has already started issuing iTunes Store credits to customers who were impacted by this whole ordeal.

Apple has been fighting this case since 2013 and filed an appeal in February last year. The overall fine was agreed upon by Apple and the concerned authorities near the end of last year, so this won’t come as a shock to the company. If you’re one of the customers who felt hard done by Apple’s notorious pricing of eBooks on its official store, the refund should be on its way soon.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Via: iPhone Hacks