Apple officially stops selling the first gen iPad Mini

iPad Mini

Apple has officially discontinued sales of the first gen iPad Mini tablet, more than two and a half years after its launch. What this also means is that Apple only has iOS devices with Retina Displays now, which tells us how far along Apple has come over the past few years. The Retina Display was first seen on the iPhone 4 and has been consistent with the iPhones since then. Even the iPod Touch (5th gen) has a Retina Display.

It’s no secret that most users prefer the smaller iPad compared to the full blown iPad model mainly due to the conveniently sized display and form factor. However, the past two iterations of the iPad Mini have dropped hints that Apple might be looking to drop it from its lineup to focus primarily on the iPad Air series.

You can still get the iPad Air 2, which is the cheapest iPad available at just $299 onwards. You can add $100 if you’re looking to get the third generation iPad Mini. The only distinguishing factor between the second and third gen iPad Mini is the presence of the Touch ID sensor on the new model.

Source: Apple

Via: Engadget