How To Fix Common iPhone 4 Problems

The iPhone 6 may be released soon but to most people the iPhone 4 is still their smartphone of choice. We know that this is a rather old device however some of our readers are still using this phone which is why we will be featuring it in this post. Most of the emails sent to us by our readers regarding this device are generally easy to resolve while others need several troubleshooting steps to be performed.

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If you own an iPhone 4 or any other iPhone model for that matter feel free to email us at [email protected]. We will be more willing to assist you with your concern. The best part of this is that this a free service we are offering to our readers with no strings attached. All we ask is that when you do send us an email try to be as detailed as possible so that we can make an accurate assessment and the correct solution can be made.

iPhone 4 Not Charging

Problem: I’ve had my iPhone for around 2 years now, my upgrade is due in a couple of months- so it may just be that the battery is worn out, but any alternative possible solutions would be great. All of a sudden it’s just stopped charging- never had any previous problems or signs that the battery was on its last legs- just plugged it in last night and it wouldn’t work.

Solution: With a battery running for two years a certain degradation in lifespan will already be visible.  There’s even a chance that the battery may be dead already. However, just to make sure that we have covered all bases we will check and see if there are other factors causing this to happen.

Check your phone charging port and your phone itself for any physical damages.

  • Inspect your phone to be sure it’s not overheating, swollen or damaged.
  • Inspect your phone’s charging port and remove any debris.

Verify that your charger is working.

  • Connect your phone to your charger and see if the charging icon displays. Be sure to use the original charger as a different charger may have a different output voltage. If you have another iPhone try charging it using the charger just to verify if it works.

Verify that your Apple iPhone 4s is running the most recent software

  • From the home screen, tap Settings.
  • Scroll to and tap General.
  • Tap Software Update.

Do a soft reset

  • From the home screen, press and hold the Power key and Home key.
  • Release the keys when the Apple logo appears.
  • Your Apple iPhone 4s restarts

iPhone 4 No Sound During Calls

Problem: I have several iPhones and iPads, all of them are now on iOS 7 without any problems at all. But one of them is an iPhone 4 with many years of usage, it was working perfectly until I installed iOS 7 on it, now everything works BUT I cannot hear or be heard while on a phone call, but I can use facetime, skype to talk and even video call without any issue at all. And I can hear sounds, ringtones and music perfectly. I cannot heard or be heard even using headphones.

Solution: This could be an issue related to the software itself. Try to check for any new updates for your device as this may contain improvements and fixes that deals with this issue.

You may also want to do a hard reset on your device. Make sure to back up your data first. You can do this by using iCloud or iTunes.

To back up data using iCloud

  • Tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.
  • Turn on iCloud Backup if it’s off.
  • Tap Back Up Now.

To back up data using iTunes

  • Make sure your computer has the latest version of iTunes.
  • Connect your iOS device to your computer.
  • Choose File > Devices > Back up.

To do a hard reset

  • From the home screen, select Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Select Reset.
  • Select Erase All content and Settings.
  • If prompted, enter the 4-digit passcode.
  • Select Erase iPhone.

You may also want to disable and re-enable Noise Cancelation as some people who have experienced this problem say that this method works.

  • Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> (Hearing) Phone Noise Cancellation.

iPhone 4 Restarts When SIM Is Inserted

Problem: Hey, Sometime ago my iPhone restarted by itself and I thought it was some kind of overheating precaution because I left it outside in the sun for a while. However, it keeps restarting whenever I open any app now that has passed like a month since that time. I recently discovered that it only restarts if I have my SIM card in it. It starts, I unlock my SIM card and then when i open any app it just shuts down and restarts.

Solution: Here’s what you can do to fix this issue

  • Reboot the iPhone
  • Ejecting and re-inserting the SIM
  • If iPhone is hotter than usual, turn it off and let it cool down

Try using another SIM card on your device and see if the problem still occurs. If it doesn’t then your original SIM card may be faulty. If the issue still exists with the new SIM card then it’s probably the SIM holder that has a problem. Your best option is to bring your device to an authorized service center and have it fixed.

iPhone 4 Water Damage

Problem: My iphone 4 received water damage a couple days ago. After days of leaving it in rice the phone works perfectly but it won’t stay on. It shuts off and restarts every ten minutes or so. Can anyone help me with what I should do?

Solution: Unfortunately in this case there’s really very little you can do. The water may have damaged some components inside your phone which causes it to restart. What you can do is to bring your device to an authorized service center and have it fixed.

In case you are wondering what needs to be done to a water damaged device we have listed the following tips below.

  • Do not turn off your device
  • Dry it by dumping it in a bowl of rice or place it inside a jar with silica gel and leave it for 2 days

iPhone 4 Stuck On Startup Screen

Problem: hi my iPhone 4 is now stuck on starting itself up, the screen lights up, apple logo appears, it vibrates and then repeats that all over again. Prior to this my phone had a message on it saying it could not make or receive calls, which is why i turned it off in the first place as most problems seem to be resolved by that. Earlier today, before all this my phone was working absolutely fine and no problems at all – there seems to be no explanation to this. I have tried holding down the home and lock button as well but this does nothing. Please help.

Solution: Follow the steps below to fix this issue

Restart your device

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of your device until the red slider appears. Then drag the slider to turn your device completely off.

Reset your device

  • To reset, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

If both steps listed above fails then you might want to try restoring your device using iTunes

  • Connect the device to your computer and open iTunes.
  • If the device appears in iTunes, select and click Restore on the Summary pane. Learn more about restoring iOS software.
  • If the device doesn’t appear in iTunes, try to force the device into recovery mode, and then restore it.

To get to Recovery Mode

  • Turn off your device. If you can’t turn it off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time and wait a few seconds for it to turn off.
  • Plug the device’s USB cable into your computer only.
  • Hold down the device’s Home button as you connect the USB cable to it.
  • When you see the Connect to iTunes screen, release the Home button

iPhone 4 Not Recognized By Laptop

Problem: I just had my laptop restored, and when I plugged in my USB cable to sync my iPhone 4 with iTunes, the Windows error message states that it does not recognize my iPhone OR the port it is plugged in to.  I never had this problem before.

Solution: Since your laptop just got restored then it may not have the necessary drivers needed to recognize your phone.

Here’s how to get the latest drivers

  • Connect the phone to the computer.
  • Quit iTunes if it launches.
  • For Windows Vista and Windows 7: Click the Start menu, right-click on Computer, and choose Properties. In the upper-left corner, click Device Manager. The Device Manager window should open.
  • For Windows 8: Move the cursor to the upper right corner, click the magnifying glass, type devmgmt.msc, and press Return. The Device Manager window should open.
  • Click the plus (+) icon (or disclosure triangle () (for Windows 7 and Windows 8) next to “Universal Serial Bus controllers” to expand this selection.
  • Locate the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver in this list. If this entry is displayed without any downward arrow, “!” or “?” symbols over it, then this driver is successfully installed. Proceed to the next section titled “Check for third-party software conflicts”.
  • If the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is not listed, proceed to the section below titled “If the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is not listed”.
  • A downward arrow appearing next to the device’s entry in Device Manager indicates that this device is disabled. To enable this device, right-click its entry in Device Manager and choose Enable from the shortcut menu.

If the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver entry is listed, but has an exclamation mark or question mark over it, continue to the next steps to reinstall the Apple Mobile Device driver.

  • Right-click the Apple Mobile Device entry in Device Manager and choose Uninstall from the shortcut menu.
  • When prompted, select the box “Delete the driver software for this device” and click OK.
  • In the resulting dialog box, click OK.
  • In the Device Manager window, right-click “Universal Serial Bus controllers” and choose “Scan for hardware changes” from the shortcut menu.
  • Windows automatically reinstalls the necessary drivers and attempts to remount the device.

iPhone 4 Stuck In “Connect To iTunes Screen” When Updating

Problem: I was attempting to update my iPhone 4 to the new iOS 7.0.4 via my computer after I plugged it in to create a backup copy and something went wrong before it could finish and I received an error message. Now my phone is stuck on the “Connect to iTunes screen”.

Solution: You may need to go to Recovery Mode to do the update.

  • Turn off your device. If you can’t turn it off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time and wait a few seconds for it to turn off.
  • Plug the device’s USB cable into your computer only.
  • Hold down the device’s Home button as you connect the USB cable to it.
  • When you see the Connect to iTunes screen, release the Home button. If you don’t see this screen, try steps 1 through 3 one more time.
  • Use iTunes to restore your device.

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  1. hi, im having the “connect to itunes” problem. i’ve tried to restore it using itunes, but error keeps happening. sometimes my iphone screen looks like loading something, but then the itunes says that there’s error. i’ve tried for multiple times, but the most important thing is that i havent back up my files, what should i do ? please help me.. thanks

  2. im trying to reset my iphone completely well everytime i go to reset all of it… nothing will happen. so what should i do?

  3. you probably need to hold your home & top button down til you see a apple then release this will restart your iphone its basically like cutting it off then cutting it back on

  4. my iphone 4 will cut off & cut back on all the time, it will freeze up when people call me also i had to download a messagner app because for some reason every time i click on my message app it will be a white screen & it will never pop up so i had to download “kik”.. so then i purchased a replacement well when i backed all my stuff up on the new phone a day 2 hours later it did the same thing so somebody informed me that it could be a virus in my icloud account but if anybody knows different please let me know!

    thank you! 🙂

  5. My 4s screen went black 2 weeks ago. Tried turning it on, made sure it was charged etc, nothing. Even tried to factory reset it but nothing. Took it to the apple store & the guy did the same “factory reset” & it worked. Phone came back & was working fine. 2 days later it happened again, left it for a while then “reset” it & it worked again for a couple of days. It always beeped when receiving text messages or rang for incoming calls but nothing would show up on the screen. Now it won’t turn on at all, even the reset doesn’t work.
    Any suggestions as my contract isn’t up for another 2 months?

  6. My emails come back after I have deleted them with the message “mail not able to be deleted.”
    What should I do?

  7. the touch screen on my phone won’t work so i can’t get into my phone, restart it, except use all the buttons but thats obviously not really helping. What do i do? Im getting the upgrade soon but i need my phone until then.

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