How To Fix Common iPhone 5 Problems [Part 2]

Welcome to the second part in our series of troubleshooting articles dedicated to the iPhone 5. Ever since we released our first article we have been receiving emails from our readers asking for assistance on the issue that they are facing with their particular device. We of course are more than happy to help our readers and in fact provide this as a free service.

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If you have any issues with your iPhone 5 or any other iPhone 5 for that matter feel free to send us an email at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to help you with your concern. The best part of this all is that it won’t cost you anything at all. Please be aware though that due to the amount of emails we receive we may not provide an immediate feedback however we can assure you that we will respond to every email we get.

iPhone 5 Screen Freezes

Problem: I have purchased an iPhone 5  for my girlfriend from Ebay which was refurbished by a reputable dealer. This is all setup and working but I am having an issue with the following symptoms: The iPhone will freeze and only the home button is responsive (random occurrences),  To bring this back responsive I press the power button and unlock the screen, This happens regardless of whether the phone is charging or not and it doesn’t matter if it is charging via a plug or connected to my laptop. The iPhone has been updated to the latest iOS (7.1.2). The phone has been restored and then a backup put back onto this from her old phone. I would just like to know if anyone else has seen this and if there is a fix that is available? Thanks in advance.

Solution: This could possibly be a software or a hardware issue. If it is a software issue then you can still do something about it however if it is already a hardware issue then the device must be checked by an authorized Apple Service Provider.

To check for any software related issues that may be the cause of this problem you will need to set it up as a new device which will also erase all data stored on your phone. Make sure to backup all of your important data first.

  • If Find My iPhone is enabled, you need to turn it off in Settings > iCloud before you can erase your device.
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset, then tap Erase All Content and Settings.
  • After erasing and setting up as a new device, your device is now in a factory configuration.

Check if the problem still exists after erasing your device. If it doesn’t then a content previously stored in your device may have caused this. Sync one type of data at a time on your device after which test if the issue returns after syncing one type of data.

If however after erasing all content on your device and the problem still exists then this it is most likely a faulty hardware in which case you should contact Apple support.

iPhone 5 No Longer Charging

Problem: My iPhone 5 will no longer charge, even with original charger .. what can I do? he not recognize the original charger, absolute nothing .. if you close while it is plugged in lights alone .. I can upload only when using a fake charger and the phone off.. when i turn it on he work well.. .. what can I do?

Solution: If the original charger does not work anymore but a third party charger works then the issue is with the original charger itself. One of the most likely cause is a faulty cable. Try to check if the cable has any damages or if its contacts are dirty. If there is dirt then simply use a cotton dipped in alcohol to clean it. Once it has dried try using it again and see if it can charge your device. If not then try replacing the cable with a new one.

iPhone 5 Factory Resets While Updating

Problem: my iphone 5 factory reset its self while updating and now is displaying the connect to itunes sign but wont connect to my computer

Solution: If a problem happens during the update of your device you will need to go to recovery mode to fix it. Be aware that this process will delete the data stored in your device. If you previously backed up your data on iTunes or iCloud then they can be restored.

  • Turn off your device. If you can’t turn it off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time and wait a few seconds for it to turn off.
  • Plug the device’s USB cable into your computer only.
  • Hold down the device’s Home button as you connect the USB cable to it.
  • When you see the Connect to iTunes screen, release the Home button. If you don’t see this screen, try steps 1 through 3 one more time.
  • iTunes should open and display a message such as: “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.”
  • Use iTunes to restore your device.

iPhone 5 Has Black Screen Will Not turn On

Problem: After school one day i took my phone out of my pocket and the screen was black, i was pressing the on and off button for the sound and i could hear the noises, so i decided to restart my phone. After waiting for ten minutes i keep on pressing the restart button and it still would not turn on. Once i got home i plugged my phone into the charger thinking that it might turn on. However it just kept on making the noise as if i was pluging and unplugging the charger repeatedly. I keep on restarting the phone and it still has not turned on. It has been two days and the phone has still not turned on. When i plugged my phone into the the computer thinking i could  reset my phone into facotry settings, itunes could not recognized my  serial number. Now after not charging it for a day it will not charge at all.

Solution: Try entering the DFU Mode which allows you to restore your device from any state.

  • Plug your device into your computer with a USB cable.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Hold the Power button for 3 seconds.
  • Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds.
  • Release the Power button but keep holding the Home button.
  • After about 15 seconds you will be alerted by iTunes saying that it has detected a device in Recovery Mode.

To exit DFU Mode

  • Hold the Home and Power buttons until the Apple Logo appears.

Your phone should be working normally right now.

iPhone 5 Camera Will Not Focus

Problem: I updated my iPhone 5 to 6.1.4 and the camera will not focus – on anything nearby or far away. I’ve tried the zoom feature – makes it worse. I’m restoring the phone to factory settings, but is there something Apple is doing to fix this bug? An unscientific survey of my Facebook friends reveals they are having the same issue.

Solution: This could possibly be caused by the lens being stuck. Try slapping your device at the back part and if that does not work slap it on the front part. The shock generated by the slapping will cause the lens to get unstuck. This is just a temporary solution as the problem may return at a later date. A better option is to bring your device to an authorized Apple Service Provider and have it checked.

iPhone 5 Battery Percentage Incorrect

Problem: I’ve been having some issues with my iPhone’s battery percentage.  There are time I will let the phone charge over night and when I unplug it after being charges at 100% it will drop drastically.  One time I was on the phone for 8 minutes after unplugging it and it was down to almost 70%.  I used the phone at home which has always had a reliable connection (full bars) and I have a solid wifi connection too.  But it’s not just the initial drain that’s concerning me.  Lately the phone will read 30% left of battery life and will suddenly auto-shutoff.  This has been happening a lot more lately where I will not even get the prompted 20/15/10/5% badge, it’s just shutting off.  When it does this I will try to power it back on and indicates it needs to be charged.  I’ll let it charge until 100% and I’ll still have a similar result.  Has anyone else had this error, and any possible solutions?  I have already turned off background apps and limited my location services, still having the same result.

Solution: If your device has been with you for quite some time now then this could already be an issue with the battery itself and in which case you will need to replace it. However, if this is a relatively new device then there are various steps you could do to try to resolve this issue.

Try to recalibrate your battery by fully draining it until the phone shuts off then charge it to full capacity.

To see if a process or content is causing the issue you should also do a factory reset on your phone. Make sure to backup all your data first.

  • Turn off device
  • Insert USB cable then hold the Home button while connecting the device to iTunes
  • Click Restore iPhone
  • Click Restore and Update
  • iTunes will begin restoring your iPhone

iPhone 5 Dropping Wi-Fi Signal

Problem: I have noticed lately (mainly because I keep going over my data for the month) that at work my iPhone 5 is constantly dropping out of WiFi. It will reconnect again occasionally, but I go into the WiFi settings and it can’t even find my WiFi network the majority of the time. It’s only my phone too. I have asked others and they do not have the same issue, and I have laptops connected to the same network and they don’t drop out. I even have my iPad 2 AND my iPod Touch setting right next to my iPhone, happily connected to the network and never dropping out. Also, even stranger, at home, my phone connects automatically to my WiFi, and never drops out. After looking on the forums I have tried restarting the phone, change my HTTP proxy to Auto and back, turning off Bluetooth to no avail. I have just also completely restored my phone, and it’s not currently finding my Work WiFi. Is the best thing to take it to the store? Hope somebody can help me out as this is very frustrating, especially when I have gone over my data usage for the last 4 months (I’m always on my phone!)

Solution: You might want to reset your device to resolve this issue. There’s no need to backup your data as it won’t get lost.

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

If that does not work then do the procedure below.

  • Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

If that still does not work try the step below

  • Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

iPhone 5 Freezes When Locked

Problem: my iphone 5 freezes sometimes when locked and i cannot swipe to unlock it. i always have to restart the phone and then it unlocks normally. what do i do?

Solution: If your device is responsive then the best way to resolve this is to restart it.

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of your device until the red slider appears. Then drag the slider to turn your device completely off.
  • After the device turns off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again until you see the Apple logo.

As a last resort you can reset your device

  • To reset, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

If the problem keeps on occurring then you may want to restore your device using iTunes

  • Connect the device to your computer and open iTunes.
  • If the device appears in iTunes, select and click Restore on the Summary pane. Learn more about restoring iOS software.
  • If the device doesn’t appear in iTunes, try to force the device into recovery mode, and then restore it.

If after performing the above steps you are still having the same problem then you might want to contact Apple support.

iPhone 5 Camera Flash Not Working

Problem: My iPhone 5 rear camera does not flash. I’ve replaced the camera with a new rear camera module w/ flash, but still no flash. Nothing has worked up to this point.  Do I need to take it in to be serviced? Thanks!

Solution: Since this is already a hardware issue its best to bring the device to a service center. Before bringing it try performing a factory reset first as this may solve the issue.

  • Turn off device
  • Insert USB cable then hold the Home button while connecting the device to iTunes
  • Click Restore iPhone
  • Click Restore and Update
  • iTunes will begin restoring your iPhone

iPhone 5 “No Sim Card Installed”

Problem: I just downloaded iOS 7 yesterday and ever since then I randomly keep getting “No Sim Card Installed” messeges. I’ve never had this problem until I installed the new iOS. Is anyone else having this problem? If so do you know how to fix it?

Solution: Turn off your device and take out the SIM card. Now return it in and make sure that it is placed correctly and securely. Turn on your phone. If the problem still occurs then try to use a different SIM as this may be a SIM card issue.

iPhone 5 Won’t Update Or Download Apps

Problem: Just recently I realized that my Iphone 5 will not update or download new apps. I have tried reseting my password, reseting my phone, plugging it in my computer, and restored it from the computer. All it does is ask for my password and that’s it just never downloads. I don’t know what to do. It does this for the updates as well just asks for the password and then nothing happens.

Solution: are you trying to download the apps and updates over a Wi-Fi connection? If so try using your mobile data connection. This could be an issue with the wireless router which prevents your phone from downloading content.

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