LithiumCard Charges your Phone Twice As Fast As Regular Chargers

You might have one of the most powerful smartphone models in the market today but if its battery gets drained then it’s nothing more than a paperweight. This is the reason why several manufacturers are trying to squeeze in a bigger battery that they could on their devices so that it will have a longer battery life.


The problem with a larger battery capacity is that it also takes longer for it to charge. This means that your device will have to stay plugged in for a longer period of time. One alternative to this is by using a powerbank. You will be able to remain mobile and still be able to charge your device. The trade-off however is that it is sometimes quite bulky. A bigger powerbank requires less time to charge a device compared to a smaller powerbank.

The LithiumCard solves this issue. It is a battery powered HyperCharger the size of only three credit cards, one on top of the other, and can charge a device as fast as a big battery. Compared to other solutions in the market today the LithiumCard outperforms them by charging a device in a shorter period of time. This product just recently finished its successful campaign over at crowdfunding site Indiegogo and was able to raise a total of $167,785 out of a $30,000 goal.

LithiumCard easily fits in a wallet and is available in two versions. One has a micro-USB connector that can be used to charge most Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry device. Another version comes with a Lightning port that can be used to charge Apple devices.

If your device runs out of juice while you are out then you should consider getting a LithiumCard.

via indiegogo