Top 5 Insane Stories Of Social Media Addiction

One of the best ways to connect to friends or get the latest news updates on everything under the sun is through social media. There is however a downside to this as people can get addicted to it with unpleasant results. Listed below are our top 5 insane stories of people who got addicted with social media.

Woman got hospitalized after excessive use of WhatsApp


WhatsApp has been in the headlines lately due to its impending sale to Facebook to the tune of $19 billion dollars. Unknown to most people however is the fact that a woman who used the WhatsApp messaging service so much during the Christmas break had to be hospitalized for severe pain in the wrists. The doctor diagnosed the condition as bilateral extensor pollicis longus tendinitis of the thumb or simply “WhatsAppitis”.

Teen tries to kill himself because he didn’t like his selfies


Most of us take selfies then forget about it. One British teen however is so obsessed with his selfies that he tried to kill himself since he didn’t like the photos he had taken. Danny Bowman, 19, reportedly spends 10 hours every day taking 200 photos of him using his iPhone. He overdosed on pills luckily his mother was able to keep him alive.

Woman commits suicide after accused of being addicted to Facebook


Sushma Goswami, 24, of India became addicted with Facebook that she spends hours in front of her computer every day checking out the site. When confronted by her parents of this issue she locked herself in her room and was found hanging from a ceiling fan the next morning.

Man loses wife and job due to Twitter


Larry Carlat used to be a happy man having a wife and being an editor at a famous men’s magazine. This changed once he got addicted to Twitter. He describes his tweeting habit as “every hour on the hour, day and night.” When given the choice between deleting his Twitter account or losing his job he chose to keep Twitter. A month later he lost his wife after tweeting “I would’ve taken a bullet for my wife, but now I’d rather be the one pulling the trigger.”

Teenage ballerina kills self since she was banned from having a mobile phone


Tallulah Wilson, 15, an internet addicted ballerina committed suicide by throwing herself in front in her. Prior to this incident she was banned from owning a mobile phone or laptop however used her mother’s laptop to get online. She created an online persona, a fantasy cocaine-taking character, which helped her cope up with the stress of the real world.