Top 8 Mobile Apps That Helps You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year is fast approaching and one of the popular things that people will usually do is make a New Year’s resolution. Studies show that more than 4 in every 10 Americans will be making resolutions with nearly a third failing to keep them. More than half of the resolutions that will be made concerns health such as losing weight, planning to exercise more, or quitting smoking.


One way to make sure that we keep our New Year’s resolutions is by making use of current technology. The popularity of smartphones and tablets makes these devices useful in making sure that we stick to our plans. Listed below are the top ten free mobile apps that you can use.

Noom Weight (iOS, Android)

This weight loss app comes with all the right tools needed to help you lose weight. You can easily log meals and workouts. There’s also a pedometer feature that logs the number of steps you have taken.

LoseIt (iOS, Android)

This app allows users to log in their daily calorie limit and record daily food intake as well as exercise. You can easily input your meal and see if you are still under or over your calorie limit.

GymPact (iOS, Android)

This motivational app allows you to set your work out goals for the week. There are a lot of apps that actually do this already however one unique feature of this app is that you will also need to set a specific amount that you will have to pay if ever you don’t meet your goals. For every weekly goal that you meet you will receive monetary incentive from other GymPact users who didn’t meet their goal.

MapMyRun (iOS, Android)

This app allows you to track your running activity. It makes use of the GPS sensor in your device to record duration, distance, speed, and calories burned for each workout. The results are then posted on your social network.

Mint (iOS, Android)

This financial app allows you to easily manage your finances. You can easily view your student loan, bank account, or retirement account. The app allows you to set a monthly budget and lets you keep track of your goals. The best part of this app is that it can also provide you with tips on how to spend wisely and notifies you when you are in the red.

Check (iOS, Android)

This app not only allows you to monitor your expenses on your accounts but also helps manage your bills. It alerts you when bills are due, sends you an email when a large transaction is made, and schedule credit card payments.

Grocery iQ (iOS, Android)

This app allows you to create grocery lists for every store you visit. It also organizes your shopping lists and sorts out the products by aisle.

BigOven (iOS, Android)

Those who love to cook should have this app on their mobile device. You will be able to browse more than 250,000 recipes which can be searched by keyword, ingredient, or course. Got several ingredients in your pantry and don’t know what to cook? Just enter them on the app and it will find the right recipe for you.