New Nexus Device Shown In Android 4.4 Ad


It is always in the subtlest of places that images of new smartphone devices will appear. In many cases they are leaked, but in many cases they can appear in promo ads for something else. This is the case with the new Nexus device which appeared in an ad for the Android 4.4 update which is being called KitKat. The video has been pulled already, signaling that the device was not meant to be shown in any capacity yet. It could also be that Nexus wants to wet our whistles with a quick peek of its hottest new device.

In any case, the device seems to boast a larger display as well as a sleek new camera. From the quick image of the device, it would appear that the new camera lens is bigger than the Nexus 4. This would be consistent with Google exec Vic Gundotra noting recently that they are “committed to making Nexus phones insanely great cameras.”

Source: VR Zone