Majority Of Russian Users Targeted By Mobile Spam

Mobile spam can drive you crazy. Getting text message after text message with some link to who knows where is something that many American users don’t have to deal with as much as users in other countries. One such example is the Russian mobile market, which a recent survey revealed as having 3 out of 4 mobile customers targeted by mobile spam. ESET, an international IT security company, conducted the survey at its two communities at Kontakte and Odnoklassniki, Russia’s two leading social networks, as well as ESET Club participants. Around 65% of users that responded to the survey said they regularly received mobile spam. 2% said they were targets of unauthorized phone calls, and 9% said they received both SMS and voice spammers.

Interestingly, most of the spammers had fished the user numbers from surveys the people had filled out at places such as restaurants, and forms they filled out at social networking and online dating sites.

Source: Venture Beat

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