My Gadgets: New EBay Software Helps You Manage Your Inventory

My Gadgets

Selling smartphones and tablets online is big business, especially for those that specialize in selling used tech. With such strong market saturation, it should come as no surprise that so many people have built themselves very successful online businesses through such avenues as EBay and Amazon that serve as the marketplace for their used tech business. In response to how big some of these sellers have become, as well as how prolific some buyers are as well, EBay has developed a new handy piece of software that will help the buyer and seller organize their inventory.

The program is called My Gadgets It looks at all the things you have bought and sold over the years and helps you get an idea of the value of said items. You can also take gadgets that you own and see what the average selling price is on EBay. In a way, My Gadgets acts as a portfolio for all your goods on EBay. It should prove to be a very handy tool.

Source: Gizmodo