Motorola X Coming To Verizon

motorola x

Thursday is going to be a big day for mobile giant Verizon as it has been announced the much anticipated and hyped Motorola X will become available to Verizon customers. In addition to this exciting news, users with different carriers will also be looking at Motorola’s smartphone coming their way as well. On August 29th users will be able to buy it online, whereas users that want to buy it in person will have to wait longer, as the device is only going to be available online at first.

Despite being the newest carrier to have the device, Verizon customers will not have the customization options that customers of AT&T will get, and they will only be able to choose between black and white colored phones. On contract, Verizon will charge the same as AT&T for the device with the price tag coming in at $199. It is still unknown when exactly the other carriers will get the device.

The Verge