Alleged Droid 5 Images Leaked

droid 5

Not everyone loves touch screen keyboards on their smartphones. Many people feel that the screens are over responsive or unresponsive, and therefore mutter in frustration when they try and use them. Another cool feature that people have been talking about is wireless phone charging. Well, it seems that Motorola is going to try and meet both of these concerns with its upcoming Droid 5, which features both wireless charging and a physical keyboard. The keyboard is a QWERTY slider with a wide range of buttons. In addition to wireless charging, it also seems to come with a water and dust resistant design.

All other details of the device are pretty much up in the air, and even the ones mentioned above have come through a leak of alleged images of the Motorola smartphone. If the above ends up being factual, though, many people may end up buying these snazzy new devices with some hot features.

Source: Engadget