Moto X: Color Backs Have Been Leaked

Moto X

It is all well and good when the best and brightest smartphones come out, but one of the problems many users encounter is simply one of market access. In other words: they often cannot afford the newest and greatest smartphones. One device coming up soon, at least that is the assumption given some recent leaks about the device, is the Moto X, a mid-range smartphone that has a lot of great early buzz.

The most recent information that has been making the rounds is the new images of the color backs for the Moto X. The colors leaked are light blue, red, purple, and green. Customers are going to be able to choose what color back their device has, while the internal hardware of the smartphone will remain unchanged. One final rumor is that customers will be able to upload a photo as their default wallpaper. Again, with all this buzz, the device should be coming very soon.

Source: GSM Arena