LG G2 Is Getting Slimmer


Just when you thought your smartphone could not get any slimmer, along comes the LG G2 with a slim version meant to rival the Note 2. While the LG G2 has not been released yet, there has been an overwhelming amount of information leaked about it, so much so that they may as well not be considered leaks and just be called released information. But that is neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is that the LG G2 is looking much slimmed down according to released images of the device, but is that entirely good news?

Many users like having ultra slim, light weight smartphones, but others might argue that the inability to carry a thicker battery will mean shorter charge times. For many this alone is a deal breaker simply because they need a device that will hold a charge the maximum amount of time to meet the need of their busy lives.

Source: Android Authority