LG Optimus F3 Possibly Headed to Sprint

F3News has just leaked that the newest device by LG is coming out soon, and that Sprint is going to be the company carrying it. Rumored specs for the Optimus F3 include a 4-inch WVGA display, 2,460mAh battery, LTE capabilities and “Jelly Bean” (one of the more recent incarnations of Android). While product availability and pricing are currently unknown, it is likely that information will be released soon. Sprint has quite the lineup of smart phones, and their customer base is likely to be ecstatic for a new addition to the selection. In addition, consumers that already own LG smart phones will also be glad to know that an upgrade is just around the corner. Again, though, some may not switch their equipment if the Optimus F3 ends up being too pricey, but for those that want the newest and most exciting equipment, it may be too much to resist. The coming weeks will prove if that is right or not.