New rumor suggests polycarbonate body for iPhone 6

iPhone 5s, iPhone 6

Every year, starting from 2007, when the Cupertino tech giant announced the first ever smart phone from the company which turned out to be a revolutionary, the iPhone, we have been hearing a lot of rumors about the next possible update to the line of smart phones from the company. We get rumors every year and although a few of them turn out to be true, not all of them give us the pleasure that we would expect from a company such as Apple, and a smart phone such as iPhone.

Anyway, the line of rumors for the next iPhone, the iPhone 6 is out. And there are a few reasons to believe that this is not really a true line of rumors. To begin with, the rumor says that the next generation of the smart phone will have its body made of polycarbonate material. That would be just cool. If you are wondering how would that look, well, you can just refer to the now continued based model MacBook laptop from the Cupertino tech giant.

This rumor may turn out to be true because the company gives the boy of the smart phone very high importance, making it a prestige product is very important for the company. Also, there is another rumor that says that the Cupertino company’s smart phone may feature a bigger 4.5 inch screen. This cannot be completely believed, this is because the company never liked bigger screens than the standard 3.5 inches, and that is what we have seen till now. But the last released iPhone came with a 4 inch screen because Steve Jobs is no more the person who decides all this.

Then, the next generation iPhone is said to be a little thicker that the current version iPhone 5. This could be a little bit hard to believe because the company will definitely not make the smart phone thicker because it is known for making such awesome devices in such small sizes. Anyway, we are expecting to see the new iPhone 6 sometime in the next year.

Source: Uber Phones