Major Windows Phone update coming around holidays

Windows Phone 8 on big screen

If you are a Windows Phone 8 user, here is some good news. Microsoft is working on releasing a major update to the platform in the holiday season of this year. And it so happens that we do not want any inside spies or anything of that kind to know information about the company’s plans like this one. We just need to keep an active eye on the Redmond based company’s jobs section of the website. So yes, this new information has been leaked from there.

Also, the job listing says that there is a current version of the Windows Phone 8 operating system which might be ready for release in some time. And this is probably the Windows Blue update about which we have already heard rumors. The job posting states that the company is, “getting ready for our next release targeting the holiday of this year and we’re chartered with keeping the momentum for Windows Phone by bringing new killer devices and delightful user experiences.”

And unlike Windows Phone 7 devices, users who already own a Windows Phone 8 will be eligible for this update and will be getting it soon, hopefully. So it’s not going to make the current users of the platform mad, like before. Windows Blue, the next update, is expected to be released in summer this year. The company is apparently speeding up the development process of the update. And we know one thing about the Windows Blue update, thanks to another job listing on the company’s website. We know that the Windows Blue will have an updated Excel app. Apart from that, it is said that there will be a significant number of bugs fixed and slight changes in the user interface and experience.

The company is also releasing a few minor updates known as GDR 2 and GDR 3. And the Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer, HTC, is supposed to be the first company to release a GDR 2 device pretty soon.

Source: Slash Gear