Firefox OS is now on Sony Xperia E


Mozilla’s new Firefox mobile OS has caught a lot of attention at the Mobile World Congress 2013 event this week. There are already a handful of hardware original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that are supporting the new platform and who will be releasing smart phones based on this new operating system later this year. And Sony is one among the handful.

The Japanese smart phone manufacturer seems so excited about the new platform that it already released a ROM based on the Firefox mobile OS for its Xperia E smart phone. The new ROM is for enthusiasts only, not for the average Joe. This is because this is just a test build and not the commercial release version. This means that there will be a lot of bugs and a few components on the smart phone would not work due to lack of device drivers. For example, you would not be able to get wireless connectivity working on this ROM on the Sony Xperia E smart phone right now because there is no driver for wireless yet. Also, there may be some problems with the touch screen and the microSD card read write procedures.

This ROM can be used by the developers who are interested to build their own apps for the new Firefox operating system. They can even test it on this smart phone before releasing. Sony is going to join the list in which we already have ZTE, Alcatel, Huawei, and LG who will be releasing Firefox based smart phones later this year, and this will be the first wave of smart phones with the new platform.

These smart phones are going to be low end or mid range smart phones with only a 3.5 inch screen and single core, or a maximum of dual core processors. And to begin with, the operating system is going to use the open Web standards and HTML 5 for apps.

Source: Cell Phones CA