Sony Xperia Z rooted

Sony Xperia Z rooted

If you are one of the few owners of the new Sony Xpeira Z, or want to join this club of only a few people right now, you would be happy to know that there is already a new toy available on the internet you can try with your new smart phone. And this new toy is a root for the new smart phone from the Japanese manufacturer.

Doomlord at the XDA Developers is the person behind this. The Sony Xperia Z is not yet available in most of the markets in the world, but this person has already rooted the smart phone with not so great efforts. The idea that the hacker has used is to alter the code used for the Nexus 4 rooting tool and then try it on the Sony Xperia Z.

And you would think that he has an Xperia Z lying with him on which he tried the root. But you are wrong. The programmer has used the Team Viewer app for Android to test the root on a remote device. So, if you are interested in trying this out, you can head over to XDA Developers over here and try out the code.

But, you have to be warned. The device is quite new in the market and there are not really a lot of recovery tools available. I guess there is no official recovery tool available for the smart phone yet. And you also will not want to void you warranty as soon as you buy it.  So you will have to keep all this in mind when you are planning on rooting your new Sony Xperia Z. Anyway, all the best.

Source: Engadget