Nokia Plans To Introduce 41MP ‘PureView’ Sporting Eos

Nokia Eos

Nokia will, in the near future, launch a Windows Phone 8 smartphone sporting the ridiculously mega, 41 megapixel ‘PureView’ camera sensor, says The Guardian, citing sources close to the Finnish mobile phone maker. According to these sources the new Nokia handset is known as Eos and will actually launch in the United States as soon as this summer. No word on other countries.

Nokia gave the world the first glimpse of the 41MP camera sensor last year at the Mobile World Congress when it showcased the 808 PureView Symbian smartphone. Nokia recently announced that the 808 PureView was going to be the last Symbian running cellphone from the company.

When the handset maker introduced its first Windows Phone 8 device last year, Lumia 920, it carried the ‘PureView’ tag. This created a slight bit of confusion among consumers, some of whom expected the Lumia 920 to come with the same 41MP PureView camera, but were left disappointed when it arrived with a more modest 8MP camera.

This time, however, if we are to believe The Guardian’s sources Nokia Eos will for the first time bring the 41MP camera sensor to the mainstream.

However, this time Nokia might face a challenger if and when it comes out with the Eos. That challenger could be the recently revealed HTC M7. The Taiwanese company revealed a couple of days back that its upcoming M7 smartphone would offer a completely new camera and music experience.

The HTC M7 is expected to come out with a camera technology similar to Nokia’s PureView technology, where pixels are shot multiple time, thus enhancing image quality. While PureView achieves this with additional pixels, the M7 is said to achieve this with three sensors in place of one.

If there is one place which will provide a better picture(pun unintended) about upcoming products that is the upcoming 2013 Mobile World Congress.


Source: The Guardian