Intel powered Acer C1 comes to Asia

Acer Liquid C1

Acer is a company which is usually one of the first manufacturers to start something new when it sees an opportunity. It was one of the first to come into the Android tablet market with its awesome Acer Iconia line of tablets. Now, the new thing that most people are talking about is the line of smart phone processors from Intel. To be more precise, there have been a lot of news items pointing to the mid range mobile processor, the Intel Atom Z240. If you are one among the many who are psyched about this, then you are going to be excited when you come to know that there is a combination of Acer and Intel coming out soon.

Actually, Acer has already released an Android smart phone which is running on an Intel Lexington Atom Z240 based processor, and the smart phone in question is the Acer Liquid C1. The company has just released the smart phone in Bangkok, Malaysia. The smart phone will retail for 9,990 baht or roughly $335.27.

You may ask why Acer chose Malaysia as the place to launch the smart phone and not any other country. This apparently is a question that most people close to the industry are asking, and Acer obviously has an answer to this. Uday Marty, Intel’s managing director for Southeast Asia, says that the country has a large amount of youth which is involved a lot in the mobile market. The sales of the smart phones on the country is in the rise and hence manufacturers are interested in tapping the opportunity.

If you are under the impression that Acer is the only manufacturer in there, you are wrong. It so happens that even Lenovo and Motorola are both reportedly working on an Intel powered smart phone each for a release in this part of the world. So there are going to be more than one Intel powered Android smart phone in Southern Asia and obviously, they will priced competitively. Good news for the consumers.

Source: Ubergizmo