Instagram says no to native BlackBerry app

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When we are looking a new mobile platform to migrate into, the very first deciding factor would be the number of apps available, and then if all the apps that are required to have a good social life are present or not. And these apps include the Facebook app, the Twitter app, the Instagram app, the Pinterest app, the GTalk app, and much more. All of these high profile apps are already present on the two major mobile operating system platforms, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. But the new comers into the market, such as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerrys’ BlackBerry 10, do not have all the apps.

Today, we are looking at the Instagram app on BlackBerry 10. If you are an owner of the new BlackBerry Z10 smart phone, you would know that there are native apps for Facebook and Twitter out of the box, but there is no Instagarm app. And it turns out that we would not be getting an Instagram app anytime soon. This is because the company does not actually want to develop one.

This is because the effort/reward ratio on new platforms will usually not be so good. What if all your efforts go down the drain? Well, we do not have any official word yet, but two sources close to Instagram have reportedly told that there would no native Instagram app on BlackBerry 10 any time soon – “There will be no Instagram for BB10 for now.”

But, it is said that there are people who are actively trying to port the Android version of the Instagram app on to BlackBerry 10. If this works out, we would have a not so fully working alternative on BlackBerry 10 for Instagram addicts, but there is no guarantee that this would work as expected. But I do not think that this would be a deciding factor for BlackBerry lovers. The loss of one little app should not matter so much, or should it?

Source: Slash Gear