GooPhone One is a Chinese HTC One clone

GooPhone One, the HTC One Clone

If you take a trip to China, you would be amazed of how many knock off tech devices you can see. You can see an awesome Rolex knock off watches which you would find very hard to identify as a knock off from a distance. There are knock offs of popular tech devices such as smart phones and tablets. And these tech knock off usually come from one manufacturer, known as the GooPhone.

GooPhone has been making cloned replicas of popular devices from a while, but it made the headlines last year when it threatened to sue Apple over its iPad Mini tablet. And that is not the interesting part. GooPhone was able to release a very similar looking mini tablet into the Chinese market after a very short time of Apple announcing the iPad Mini. Like this, there are clones iPhones and iPads of all types, there are also smart phones from other manufacturers.

But this time, the company has managed to release a smart phone which is a clone of a smart phone that technically does not even exist. Meet the GooPhone One, which is the clone of the HTC One, which becomes quite evident from the name. The HTC One is the next flagship device of the Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC. And the company has not yet officially confirmed that this.

But the GooPhone has already been announced in China and will be available for sale very soon. HTC is supposed to announce its One today. Anyway, there are no more details available about the GooPhone One apart from the image above. But rumors say that the smart phone will come with either dual SIM card support or that it will be a world phone. With this, we can expect a quad core processor, and 1 GB of RAM. And even though we know that this will be cheaper than the HTC One, we do not know by how many dollars.

Source: CNET