Google Glass will use 3G/4G internet from either Android smartphone or iPhone

Girl wearing Google Glass

We have had a lot of rumors about the Google Glass till now and a lot of official news from the company itself. We know that the company had a Glass related Hackathon recently and uploaded a few pictures from the event. The company’s co-founder, Sergey Brin, has also already tested the device in subways to check if it works properly or not. Also, the company has gone old school by asking interested buyers to write an essay on what they will do with the Google Glass if they were given an opportunity to buy one right now.

Based on these, the company will be selecting the next batch of buyers for its device and they will have an awesome “pick up experience” when they are going to get their own Google Glass in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. These selected few people will also have to shell out $1,500 to get their new toy. And not just this, the search engine giant will be putting up a lot stores so that potential buyers will be able to walk in to these stores and try out the device before they pay $1,500 for it.

And recently, we came to know that the Google Glass will not be having its own cellular radio on board. Then how will it connect to the internet? Well, you guessed it right, through your smart phone. You need to have an Android smart phone or an Apple iPhone for the Google Glass to work. You can hook the Google Glass to your smart phone using either Bluetooth or a private Wi Fi hotspot.

And the decision to give the new toy an app for the Apple iPhone as well was a surprising move. But there are millions of iPhone users in the world who are potential buyers for Google. Missing such a market would be mad.

Source: Phone Arena