Apple’s second lawsuit against Samsung to be postponed


The patent war between Apple and Samsung seems to never end. Even though Apple got $1.05 billion from Samsung as compensation for its losses, the Cupertino based tech giant is not satisfied with Judge Judy Koh’s decision to not ban the sales of certain Samsung Galaxy smart phones. This was Apple’s request in the first lawsuit. And since Apple is not satisfied with Judge Judy Koh’s verdict, the company appealed it and the next verdict will not be reached until at least September of this year.

Now, with all this happening, Apple already has another lawsuit lined up against Apple, and Judge Judy Koh does not seem a bit happy about that. Apple wants to start this new lawsuit as soon as possible, but the Judge and the South Korean tech giant both have different opinions.

The second lawsuit against Samsung is over the search technology that Samsung uses in its devices. There is no idea how that is going to go. Apple’s attorney William Lee is saying that the two cases should take place side by side, as they are nothing but different. But Samsung attorney Victoria Maroulis agrees to disagree. Victoria Maroulis says that there is a significant “overlap” in the two cases.

“I just don’t know if we really need two cases on this,” Judge Koh said. Also, the Judge gave the two parties time till the 7th of March to discuss this and come to a conclusion. Judge Judy Koh has not kept any mercy on the people included as she said very openly that she just wanted to be done with the case, and this was during the first lawsuit. She wants the two parties to make peace, which seems very unrealistic to me.

I don’t about you, but I’m pretty sure that Apple is not going to let this go so easily. It has already lost the iPhone trademark in Brazil to a small Brazilian company. And if that doesn’t work out for Apple, it will have to change the name of its best seller of all times. With all this going on, the Cupertino tech giant would not show any mercy on Samsung.

Source: Into Mobile