RIM Will Come Out With First Ever Super Bowl Ad To promote BlackBerry 10

blackberry10 superbowl ad

With the Blackberry 10 launch date just a few days away Research In Motion is really gearing up for the day. The future of RIM rests solely on the success of BB10 and the Waterloo based company has decided to leave no stone upturned to assure everyone knows about its brand new operating system when it makes it entrance. In this regard, RIM has announced that it will air its first ever BlackBerry 10 ad during this year’s Super Bowl season. The ads should feature the first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones that will be announced on Jan 30.

The BB 10 promotion will not just be limited to 30 second commercials. RIM has said that BlackBerry will feature in many “pre- and post-game on-site, digital and social activities.” This will also include real time interaction with BlackBerry fans via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, BB10 will get additional promotional push through Promoted Posts and Sponsored Story ads.

A TV commercial spot during Super Bowl is a really big deal and normally costs companies millions of dollars to air commercials that last just a few seconds. While it could be called the perfect platform to launch a new product, such as the BlackBerry 10, it is up to RIM to make sure the ads touch the right cord with the consumers. If not it could turn out to be just the opposite – a disaster for RIM, something it cannot afford at this point.

“A Super Bowl commercial, is a great opportunity to show the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry to tens of millions of consumers on the largest advertising stage of the year,” said Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer, Research In Motion. “BlackBerry has 30 million social media fans, and we’re looking forward to continuing to encourage them and all NFL football fans to see the power of BlackBerry 10 for themselves.”

While, usually companies release a spoiler of their upcoming Super Bowl ads RIM has not given us any hint as to what the theme of its new BlackBerry 10 ads might be. Good luck RIM.


Via: Engadget