International Galaxy S3 Receives Android 4.1.2 Update, American S3 Update to Follow

Low Light Camera Shot

At the end of last week, countries around the world began to see their Galaxy S3 users receive the Android 4.1.2 update, a software download that looks to improve upon the features of Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean). Many of the features in Android 4.1.2 that Galaxy S3 owners will receive match those that Samsung has already passed down to its Galaxy S2 users. Some of the new features you will see in Android 4.1.2 are as follows:

  • Easy Snap
  • Setup Wizard
  • Sound Balance
  • Easy Mode
  • Best Face
  • Low Light Camera Shot
  • Paper Artist

Paper Artist provides a playful and colorful addition to your photos. If you are the type that wants to decorate your photos, Paper Artist will meet your desire. You can add everything from colors to shades in order to make creative photos. Low Light Camera Shot provides the lighting your photos need when circumstances force you to snap photos in the dark. Best Face accommodates the inconvenience of bad faces in photos. Let’s say that one of your friends decides to close his or her eyes or forgets to smile while posing for the camera; with the Best Face feature, you can take a few shots and select the best faces from each of them for your friends. In a sense, you can create your own stellar photos to post on Facebook or in memorial albums.

Easy Mode provides a starting experience for new smartphone owners who want a lock screen and display that are not overwhelming. First-time users can start with a basic screen, then customize as they learn more about their phone and what it can do. Sound Balance allows you to adjust the sound of the music on your Galaxy S3 with regard to your own hearing. If you want to hear more sound from one or the other direction, slide the adjuster more to the left or right. For a central sound, slide the adjuster to the middle of the sound bar. Setup Wizard completes some of the new features because it includes accessibility features for the hearing impaired. One of these features, “TalkBack,” allows an individual with impaired hearing to know what his Galaxy S3 is doing when an operation is selected or in progress. This means that the individual need not see the screen to know what is happening at the time.

Other neat features to the Android 4.1.2 update also includes the following:

  • Multi-window mode
  • New Gallery app
  • New Notification Window
  • Brightness slider disable function
  • Smart rotation
  • Group Cast app

The new multi-window mode allows you the convenience of checking your Facebook status and email simultaneously. The new Gallery app will add some new customizations to make your photos an added touch of professionalism. The smart rotation option will improve your phone’s ability to turn from portrait to landscape mode (and vice versa) when viewing videos, webpages, and other important media sources. For those who do not like ultra-bright screens (such as myself), the disable brightness slider function is a welcome feature of the new update.

Currently, the Android 4.1.2 update has reached Galaxy S3 owners in the following countries of Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Greece, and Austria. Sources say that US Galaxy S3 owners may see the Android 4.1.2 update around January 25, 2013 or the last week in January. US S3 owners, do not drool over the phone of your European counterparts; you will soon have your update as well.