Early Apple Store Robbery Brings Back Memories of 2012

Parisian Apple Store

On January 2, 2012, three robbers hit up an Apple Store in Scottsdale, Arizona at 2am. They took $75,000 of iPods, iPads, and MacBook Airs and thought they had made a clean sweep – that is, until they discovered that they were being followed. Much to their surprise, they detected that a taxi driver saw them robbing the store and decided to follow them as a way to identify them and to witness the rest of the story. The robbers fired shots at the taxi driver, but this did not deter him from continuing his quest to see where they were headed and what they would do with the loot.

Unfortunately, the taxi driver was not the only problem the trio encountered; the security cameras were the other strong witness against the band of thieves. The security cameras, along with the taxi driver’s testimony and line-up identification, helped police make the arrest and put the two men and one woman behind bars. One of the lessons to learn from such an incident is that you will not get away with stolen goods.

That was January 2012, but it was not the only robbery of the year. In September 2012, two guys dressed in black hoodies with face masks and shoes rammed an SUV into an Apple Store out in Temecula, California. One of the robbers then entered the store and began to swipe iPads into his bag. One of the tables was damaged in the process, and the robber who entered the store decided to take some merchandise from the wrecked store table before jumping back into the vehicle and heading back into the darkness. What the robbers expected was to make a clean getaway, but they did not realize that two of their tires had been damaged in the process. The car got to a point where it could not journey on, and police found the crooks after they stopped along the side of the road.

The following month, an Apple retail store out in Leawood, Kansas, was victim to a robbery. Two men rammed a Dodge Intrepid into the Apple Store in Kansas around 2:30am, grabbed some Apple iPhones and iPads, and took off. Their vehicle of choice? A stolen vehicle that belonged to a Missouri resident who, when the police questioned him, had no idea that his vehicle had even been stolen from his premises. This was the second robbery Kansas faced in two years, the first occurring in 2010, where a man did the same exact thing. The difference between the two robberies is that the first robbery had no security gate; the security gate was installed to prevent the second (although it did not).

2012 was a terrible year in terms of the number of Apple robberies; all of a sudden, 2013 was on the horizon when thieves struck again. What was supposed to be a night of celebration and contemplation turned into a night of humiliation as thieves made their way into a Parisian Apple Store, grabbed some stocked boxes (totaling $1.3 million) and placed them into a nearby truck around 9:40pm on Monday night. Law enforcement officials say that it was an easy getaway, since back alleys lead to anywhere in the city. This was done under the noses of a crowd of 300,000 people with a large law enforcement base.

What is it with Apple stores that make them easy targets? Beyond the merchandise, I do not know. Nevertheless, the company may have to replace its glass windows with tinted fiberglass if it hopes to keep thieves out. Leaving iPhones and iPads on display may not be the wisest way to avoid another year like 2012.