The IPhone Meets Red Lobster: Lobster Mobile Telephone Case

Noddy Boffin Lobster Mobile Telephone Case

Some restaurants are easy to remember; after all, the icon or mascot for the restaurant matches the name of the restaurant. Red Lobster is one of those restaurants; the symbol is a red lobster, and you can find lobsters in the restaurant aquariums when you walk into the place. I used to look at them and immediately fear that someone would receive a lobster for dinner that would try to walk off the plate as soon as a customer tried to stick a fork in what was supposed to be a dead one (well-cooked, of course!).

If you are a fan of red lobsters and seem to admire them from afar, you can now get even closer to red lobsters than ever before with Noddy Boffin’s Lobster Mobile Telephone Case. Designed by Elliot Gorham, the Noddy Boffin Lobster case is one that is meant to stand out from the crowd. The case is not like most functional cases that allow you to still use your camera and charge your phone with the case still on. Rather, the Lobster case prevents you from using your camera and only allows you to perform touch and swipe operations on the iPhone touchscreen.

Salvador Dali invented the first lobster telephone in 1938. Elliot Gorham took Dali’s invention and decided to popularize it for twenty-first century consumers. The idea of popular iPhone cases (that lack functionality) has become popular with consumers because many today want to make their iPhone cases not only functional, but also fashionable. The case, what was once nothing more than a source of protection, is now thought of as is clothing, purses, shoes, and caps. With the desire for fashion and function combined, consumers have gained an increasing interest in unique cases that stand out from the rest. I have a cousin who spends his free time searching for unique iPhone cases of which most consumers are unaware or do not want.

Although not as in your face as Gorham’s, there are a number of other cases that also come with lobsters attached. Artvagabond sells a Dali lobster case of its own for $37. Freeminds sells a cover with a lobster art drawing on top. Niiknaak08 offers a Phoebe’s lobster theory case for $38.75. Zazzle offers a Lobster case for the new iPhone 5 for $42.30 in both regular and “vibe” versions. The vibe version comes with extra protection for your case, preventing it from getting dust, dirt, and hit impacts but will cost you an extra $5. Not bad for maximum iPhone protection, eh?

Other lobster cases from Zazzle are the following:

  • Vintage Marine Ocean Life Crustacean Lobster iPhone 5 cover
  • Lobster wallpaper case (iPhone 4)
  • Lobster blue (iPhone 5)
  • Funny toasting lobster cartoon cover (iPhone 3)

If you are the proud owner of a Motorola Droid Razr phone, Zazzle has a cute lobster cover that you can customize even further to suit your tastes. Despite the number of lobster iPhone cases out there, none comes close to Gorham’s latest crustacean knockout. The case is not on sale yet but is forthcoming. All I ask is that Elliot Gorham continue to create iPhone cases (particularly cases that have underwater creature designs) that are as unique and creative as this one.