Rumor: Nokia Windows RT Tablet To Feature Keyboard Cover With Battery


The possibility of a Windows RT tablet from erstwhile mobile phone leader Nokia seems more real as yet another rumor about the purported device has surfaced. The Verge has learnt from its sources a few more details about this upcoming device, which Nokia is expected to launch during the 2013 CES.

The rumored tablet with a screen size of 10.1 inch is said to come with USB and HDMI ports as connectivity options. Also, a cellular version is expected to arrive and AT&T is said to be the first carrier to start providing the product. Apart from these regular features these sources have also revealed to The Verge that Nokia will provide a keyboard cover for its tablet, similar to what Microsoft provides for the Surface tablets. Nokia’s keyboard cover though, will serve the additional purpose of acting as a secondary power source as it will come with its own battery. The keyboard cover, which will snap into place will also have an integrated kickstand and two additional USB ports.

The tablet by itself is said to have a 10 hour battery life with fast charging capability, which will fill up 50 percent of the battery in a short period of time.

Further, it has also been learned that Nokia will produce a limited number of the Windows RT version of the tablet. More of these tablets, which will use an ARM chip, possibly from Qualcomm, will be produced depending on consumer demand. Nokia also has plans to come out with a Windows 8 operating tablet at a later date, running on Intel chip.

Microsoft’s Surface is pretty much the only tablet which has had some relative success operating the Windows RT version of the OS. Perhaps what it needs is another flagship tablet to boosts it sales. Considering Nokia’s famed design and build quality it is definitely the best company to come out with a Windows tablet. Besides, the Finnish company needs an alternate business to get through the troubled times, as it cannot solely depend on its smartphones.


Source: The Verge