Google Maps standalone app available iOS today, includes turn by turn GPS

Google Maps iOSAll iPhone and iPad users who have not yet upgraded to iOS 6 may now consider doing so, as Google Inc. recently confirmed the availability of its latest patented Google Maps app that is deliberately designed to somehow mend Apple’s mapping problems on iOS devices. It is a standalone iOS maps app that includes a bonus feature as manifested by its turn by turn GPS, now downloadable from the iTunes App Store for free.

Coming out to salvage the beautiful yet faulty Apple Maps app, the recently rolling out Google Maps app for iOS is entrenched with numbers of new features including those previously anticipated by users such as the turn-by-turn voice-guided driving directions, walking and transportation directions, aerial imagery, 2D and 3D maps and Street View.

Its Street View attribute comprises both indoor and outdoor data, which implies that users can use the application to browse the globe and see the inner views of the famous landmarks. Aerial or satellite photos that come in 3D views can also be accessed by just a toggle, allowing users to see the full picture of a place or a street in any direction.

A search box is also provided for users to enter specific locations to search, whether it is a nearby business or other destinations. A single tap on any of the searched location results shows up their respective Google Local information, letting users acquire directions, call offices, see a place on a map and read more information about certain sites they may be interested in.

Google Maps app for iOS also highlights walking directions and public transit along with driving directions. It is a feature that is vividly done. A clean and step-by-step timeline of the entire public transportation trip is also integrated in the application.

As initially publicized, the new mapping solution for iOS by Google also provides every user with a similar experience to Google Maps in Android systems.

While Google built its new Maps app primarily for iPhones, the mapping software also works well on iPad devices.

Not a Complete Solution

Apple must be grateful to Google for deliberately rolling out such an impressive and efficient mapping app for its own smartphone system, which apparently gives iPhone and iPad users a complete relief. The availability of Google Maps app does not actually solve Apple’s mapping issues, though.

If recalled, Apple has decided to drop Google Map from its iOS 6 amidst a foul conflict between the two companies. The iPhone-maker then employed its own mapping solution, which came out a few days after the impressive launch of the latest iPhone 5.

But Apple’s replacement turned out to be a stain on the company’s image. In an effort to save its reputation, Apple CEO, Tim Cook oddly made a public apology and later on, suggested its consumers to use other available mapping solutions from rivals like Google and Microsoft, instead. It is but a transitory remedy while the company works hard on the fixes.

Source: GizMag