Is The Samsung Galaxy Mini S3 Really A mini S3?

Prior to Samsung’s confirmation regarding the new Galaxy Mini S3’s existence, everyone expected it to be the phone that would truly go head to head with the iPhone 5 – and beat it. But does it truly live up to the expectations and the high mark set by its bigger brother, the original Galaxy S3? Let us go through what it brings to the forefront and see if the Mini S3 matches the Galaxy S3’s grunt.

The Body

Samsung decided to call it the Mini S3 for this sole reason. The smaller phone brings the same design feature as the larger S3, right down to the home screen button and the slightly curved back.


The smaller body is fitted with a 4 inch Super AMOLED screen, but the Galaxy S3’s pixel density has not been transferred on to the Mini S3. The Mini S3 sports a more modest 480 x 800 pixel resolution display.

Internal Hardware

Those who expected the Mini S3 to be just a smaller version of the S3 and nothing less will be disappointed. Samsung has provided the Mini S3 with a 1GHz dual core processor and 1GB of RAM to go with it. This comes nowhere close to the quad core Exynos processor from the S3. The device is available in choices of 8GB and 16GB models, which can be expanded upto 32GB via microSD card

Other Specifications

The primary camera is a 5MP sensor with 720p video recording capacity and LED flash, while the front facing camera is just a VGA unit. Connectivity options available are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA and NFC.

Unique Selling Factor:

One place the Mini S3 betters the Galaxy S3 is in the operating system department. The Mini S3 comes with Jelly Bean out of the box, while the S3 still languishes behind with Ice Cream Sandwich.


A SIM free version is available for about £300.


It is very clear that the Galaxy Mini S3 matches the original S3 only in terms of design. Samsung could have very well released the Mini S3 under a different model name and it would not have mattered. As for it being an iPhone 5 killer, it does not even come close. The iPhone 5 has a better camera, a better display and a faster processor. But that said, the Galaxy Mini S3 is not a bad performer at all. In fact, the Mini S3 is on par with the Galaxy S2 in many categories, including processing power and it also sports NFC, where it even trumps the iPhone 5. And then there is Jelly Bean, which alone will make many Android fans on a budget go for it without a second thought.