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More and more it seems that smartphones and tablets are merging into hybrid devices, which has especially been made clearer with images of the Nokia Lumia...Continue reading »

Mobile spam can drive you crazy. Getting text message after text message with some link to who knows where is something that many American users don’t...Continue reading »

It is always in the subtlest of places that images of new smartphone devices will appear. In many cases they are leaked, but in many cases they can appear...Continue reading »

It is taking longer than many users wanted to get Blackberry Messenger to iOS and Android, but since some interesting walkthrough videos have been leaked...Continue reading »

Have you ever been surfing the web on your smartphone and wished you could make a call without having to interrupt your web surfing? Well, you are not...Continue reading »

Android phones and software come in a variety of incarnations, mostly because even as software has been updated over the years many have decided to stay...Continue reading »

Thursday is going to be a big day for mobile giant Verizon as it has been announced the much anticipated and hyped Motorola X will become available to...Continue reading »

Many people believe that NSA spying on Americans is a somewhat new phenomenon. This could not be further from the truth. The NSA has been looking in on...Continue reading »

Not everyone loves touch screen keyboards on their smartphones. Many people feel that the screens are over responsive or unresponsive, and therefore mutter...Continue reading »

For some users, Instagram has become an expected feature on any decent smartphone, which is probably why Nokia has announced that Instagram will be coming...Continue reading »