How to Reset Cellular Data Statistics and Settings on Apple iPhone 12

This post will help you reset cellular data statistics and settings on the iPhone 12. Read on if you need help navigating through the iPhone 12 settings where you can trigger the device to clear out all existing cellular data usage on your device.

iOS 14 Cellular Data Statistics iOS 14

If Wi-Fi is not available, you can activate Cellular Data or Mobile Data on your iPhone to connect to the internet and use online services. 

When cellular data is enabled, online apps and services use your cellular connection without a Wi-Fi network in range. As a result, you may incur extra charges for using certain services and features with cellular data. Data usage charges may vary between carriers, so talk to your carrier to inquire about data charges.

Your iPhone keeps track of your cellular data usage, allowing you to monitor your data usage so as not to exceed your monthly data cap.

Your data usage will be saved and reflect on the iPhone settings, particularly under cellular data statistics. A detailed record of data usage statistics for an app from a current period as well as for apps that use data when you’re roaming.

You can view the overall cellular data usage through your iPhone settings. There is also an option for you to reset this data, if needed.

And here’s how to execute this reset on your iPhone 12.

Easy Steps to Reset Cellular Data Statistics and Settings on iPhone 12

Performing the following steps will erase all cellular data settings and usage on your iPhone and then restore the default values. There’s no need to create backups because this reset does not affect any saved data on your device. 

1. When everything is ready, unlock your iPhone to access the Home screen.

On the Home screen, you will see different shortcut controls or icons for launching pre-installed and downloaded apps.

2. Tap on the Settings icon to proceed.

The main settings menu opens next. Here,  you will see a list of all basic and advanced iOS features you can manage and utilize.

3. Tap Cellular to proceed.

The Cellular Data menu opens with a list of all relevant features and settings.

4. To reset cellular data settings, tap Cellular Data Network.

Another menu opens, highlighting the current cellular data settings, MMS, APN, Personal Hotspot and other relevant features.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Then, tap Reset Settings.

A pop up message will appear, asking if you really want to  reset all network-related settings to their original values.

6. Tap Reset to confirm.

Doing so will erase all current cellular data settings and then restore the original data configuration.

7. To reset cellular data statistics, tap the Left Arrow on the upper-left corner of the screen.

Doing so will route you back to the Cellular menu.

8. Scroll down to the bottom section and then tap Reset Statistics.

A pop up menu will appear, asking if you want to reset your cellular data usage statistics.

9. Tap Reset Statistics to confirm.

All existing cellular data usage details will then be erased and the default values are restored.

Why and When to Reset Cellular Data Statistics?

It is recommended to reset cellular data statistics every month to ensure that you’ll get a more accurate picture of your actual data usage that corresponds to the billing cycle of your current data plan or subscription.

The latest statistics reset data will be posted at the bottom of the screen.

Resetting your iPhone’s cellular data settings on the other hand, can also be considered among the potential solutions when dealing with cellular data issues including no service or no signal. 

And that’s about resetting the iPhone 12’s cellular data settings and statistics.

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